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Those bodies, which “kills” low self-esteem

Названы органы, которые "убивает" низкая самооценкаScientists have discovered how low self esteem affects the organs.

The Bible says: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. It follows that people should be able to love by definition. However, it is not so: cases of dislike for themselves in the world of millions. To argue this will be the one who takes the selfishness, arrogance or greed for the love. It is clear that no relationship is all for love has not, and, moreover, along with the humiliation, disbelief in the forces is a clear indication of low self-esteem. Setting yourself such assessment may be fraught with difficulties in relationships and even health. Exactly how low self-esteem is reflected in the human body, tell the specialist in psychosomatics Yuliya Kirov and psychologist Anatoly Golovin.


Psychosomatic manifestations are the result of psychological trauma, prolonged stress and, of course, internal conflict. The latter, among other things, is the inability to see and accept the different sides of his personality. The reason for this rejection — low self-esteem.

HEADACHE. First disorder with a knock on the head. “One of the reasons for migraines may be loss of contact with his true self, denial of the right to be yourself and attempt to justify high expectations of others. People with low self-esteem usually tend to avoid any errors, I want to be perfect and constantly annoyed imperfect life. Simply put, migraines are a person who does not give themselves the right to be themselves,” explains Kirov.

BREATH. Low self-esteem strikes and other vital system respiratory. The non-recognition of its right to occupy space or exist at all may appear diseases of the respiratory system, from inflammation to tuberculosis. A distinctive feature of asthma is an inner feeling that they have no right to breathe. Children, asthmatics are very conscientious and vulnerable who take the blame.

NOSE. Banal rhinitis is actually not so simple, because it is a signal of non-recognition of self-worth. But the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus (sinusitis) makes itself felt overwhelmed by self-pity, lack of confidence in their strength, and the feeling “everything is against me.”

DISEASES OF THE THROAT. They arise from feelings of inferiority, inability to Express themselves, but also because of fear to Express themselves and their feelings. Such people often say, “I have no right to it” and I think that to achieve something they themselves can’t.


It is logical to assume that such an important feeling, as a dislike to her, has not only pointwise, but globally, affecting the whole body. And therefore, contributes to the weakening of the immune system. It is important to understand that the immune system is closely associated with identity, ability to distinguish between their own and others boundaries, to distinguish his from someone else, to recognize the needs of his personality and to recognize their right to be different, not apologizing to others. Therefore, people with low self-esteem, the immune system is often weakened, which is reflected primarily in the skin. Problems with it are those who are ashamed of or denies himself and gives too much weight to the opinions of others.

SKELETON. Then it gets worse. If the person does not stop the practice of self-destruction and value themselves only for what is useful to others (is their support), then with his rod (spine) start from curvature to hernias.

ARTHRITIS AND KIDNEYS. Censure yourself, over-critical, perfectionism and rigor to themselves, the inability to relax and to Express their wants and needs will contribute to the emergence of problems with the kidneys and joints.

LOW PRESSURE. Hypotonia often affects people, insecure in their abilities.


Our body is so constituted that some bodies react to external stimuli faster than the others. So, the spine is necessary to torment long and hard to get problems with it, but the gastrointestinal tract is able to Express dissatisfaction even after a piece of poor quality product. The same reaction from the gastrointestinal tract and internal conflicts. Due to this relationship of gastric functions and throwing the souls to the fact that the work of “belly” unknowingly is considered super important.

In infancy, we still know nothing about yourself and are unlikely to understand the complex internal contradictions, but to recognize hunger and satiety can, of course, quickly learn to suffer first and enjoy second. So our stomach is the first vital organ, responsible not only for physiological, but for psychological reaction, moreover, is absolutely clear even for a child.

Hungry, stomach discomfort in the heart, no joy, terrible mood; ate — nothing hurts, you want to sing and do the important things. So in response to the signal of the stomach, we learn to listen not only to your body but also the soul.

If you know about this connection, it is possible to trust the capacity of the stomach and react to internal problems, including dissatisfaction. With this knowledge, you can avoid various gastric disorders.

ULCER. Consider yourself unworthy of attention, care and firmly believe in their inferiority? Wait for the colic and ulcers. People faced with such a diagnosis, often are sure that’s not good enough for others. They literally can’t stomach what are. But for anybody not a secret that undigested begins to rot and cause problems. May be the cause of ulcers and cut down self-esteem, accompanied by the desire to prove their indispensability, please.

The root of all evil — low self-esteem, excessive vulnerability, shyness, resentment, self-doubt and at the same time, increased demands on himself, suspiciousness, criticality. I wonder what these people do not even understand that it was a chance to prove to themselves their own importance they have, because they will be unhappy with any result. Three higher education? It should be five. Good job? It should be two. Appreciate five friends? It is necessary that rejoiced a hundred. Rejoice hundreds? It must be millions. And so on without end.

Irritation and helplessness of simultaneously trying to change — the main features people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also important to remember that very often, stomach upset function in people ashamed of their desire to receive help from others.

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