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Xi Jinping risks setting off another trade war

Why Western politicians should prepare for a second “China shock” China’s leaders are obsessed with lithium-ion batteries, electric cars and solar panels. These sorts of technologies will, Xi Jinping has proclaimed, become “pillars of the economy”. His government is spending big to ensure this happens—meaning, in the years to come, …

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Bezalel Smotrich’s apology can be a turning point

With dialogue and good faith, a clear and distinct process can finally emerge for making constitutional law Minister Bezalel Smotrich has in the past made a number of statements that were mistaken and inflammatory. Here at the Times of Israel, I was among those condemning his outburst in response to …

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FEATURED POST When Judy Heumann schooled me about the truth

The mother of disability rights made me, a rabbi, see how traditional Judaism can be dehumanizing, in the guise of pity. About 13 years ago, Judy Heumann, the mother of the disability rights movement, publicly gave me a “speaking to” at a synagogue board meeting. I mean she really let me have it, with …

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