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Found evidence of low intelligence in prelude

Найдено доказательство низкого интеллекта у пралюдей

New research casts doubt on the possibility of ancient mind and intellectual abilities of prehistoric man, such as.

At the University of Adelaide, scientists have learned that modern apes are smarter than the Australopithecines. About it reports the Internet-the edition Regnews33.ru with reference to the Correspondent.

A new study may change the perception of the intellectual abilities of human ancestors. Experts examined the rate of blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for higher mental functions.

Scientists have suggested that the larger the hole in the skull through which blood vessels, the higher the intellectual ability of the individual.

Basing the method on this assumption, researchers have tested it on humans and other mammals. Also in the experiment included 96 skulls of primates and 11 fossil skulls of Australopithecus.

It turned out that modern apes have the bloodstream that feed the cognitive areas of the brain, is twice stronger than the Australopithecines.

The results of the study can be questioned due to lack of a direct link between brain size and intelligence.

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