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5 best smartphones for students

The modern student needs a reliable means of communication and faithful helper in any situation. If you think to buy a child a new smartphone, but have not yet decided on the choice, perhaps you will help our selection. INOI kPhone INOI kPhone designed for children of preschool and school …

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BlackBerry has promised to release a keyboard smartphone

The canadian company BlackBerry in early autumn announced the termination of development and production of smartphones and the transfer of the license to own brand of third-party manufacturers. However, this does not prevent her from speculating rumors of at least one cell phone, which she will release independently, and it …

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World day of shopping ends: to go 4 hours

Online store GeekPlanet placed on the trading platform AliExpress, took part in the annual “world day of shopping” — a global day of discounts and sales. Under the proposals GeekPlanet anyone can purchase one of the smartphones at ultra-low prices. Discounts apply to models from a well-known Chinese brands, including …

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Cheap Cubot Cheetah 2 equipped with a USB port-

The Chinese company Cubot has just introduced a new smartphone Cheetah 2, cheap and at the same time quite powerful. This is one of the few yet units at a price of up to $ 200 USB-C instead of the outdated microUSB. The model range of the manufacturer Cubot Cheetah …

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Smartphones Apple iPhone 7 Plus continue to explode

The world has witnessed another case of spontaneous combustion of a smartphone from Apple: this time it happened in China, where the exploded cell phone Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, that was not massive trouble as the Samsung with its Note 7, but the number of burnt “ablational” the …

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11.11 Vernee: world festival, special offers and a raffle

World event sale, “11.11” will be held from November 9 to November 15. At this time buyers can buy discounted smartphones Vernee (Vernee Apollo Lite, Vernee Mars, Vernee Thor). In addition, Vernee will also launch a raffle will have a chance to win a free smartphone from Vernee. Link to …

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will turn into a tablet computer

Oddly enough, but the smartphone-extremists Samsung Note 7, despite its explosive nature, were a lot of fans who are very upset with the fact the stop of its production. So they won’t be sad, Samsung will produce a modification of the future flagship of the S8 with increase in the …

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Samsung has patented curved smartphone Galaxy X

Korean manufacturer Samsung has patented a new smartphone called the Galaxy X. he, like all other devices of this brand, has its own peculiarity: S7 Edge is a curved screen, Note 7 flaunts a self-destruction function, and the Galaxy X has a really flexible body. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy X really …

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