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In China found ancient traces of a large dinosaur

В Китае найдены древние следы большого динозавра

The age of the finds is more than 100 million years.

In Eastern China, in Jiangsu province, paleontologists have found fossilized dinosaur footprint. According to preliminary data it is at least 100 million years.

The scientists found four fossilized footprint of a dinosaur, aged about 100 million years, in the Eastern province of Jiangsu China.

It is noted that the excavation was conducted by a research team consisting of Chinese and American paleontologists.

According to scientists, the discovery could help in the study of the distribution and evolution of dinosaurs of China in the lower Cretaceous period.

After the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 65 million years ago all dinosaurs went extinct, and archosaurs were only crocodiles and possibly descended from dinosaurs birds.

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