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An “accidental” meeting with Putin Pakhmutova ridiculed

A new reason for jokes. Today celebrates its anniversary of the famous Soviet and Russian composer Alexandra Pakhmutova, today she is 90 years old. Pakhmutova childhood was talented and showed incredible musical talent. The TV crew managed to film composer and the President after the inauguration near the Kremlin then …

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Will Smith was amused by the parody of “the Matrix”

The actor originally congratulated the son with the birthday. In honor of the 27th anniversary of the eldest son Trey will Smith has published in Instagram funny home movie that they shot in the early 2000s. predaet Regnews33.ru with reference to the Apostrophe. “While Trey was growing up, every year …

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Trump landed in new embarrassment

The paper stuck to his Shoe noticed on 12 November, when the American leader and his wife Melania was in new York. The President of the United States Donald trump re-emerged in public with a piece of toilet paper sticking to your Shoe, the Correspondent. Stuck paper notice on 12 …

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Named the funniest photo of the year

An explosion of positivity. Photographer Sarah Skinner received the award in the annual competition Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for the most humorous photo of a wild animal. No less funny and the name photos of Sarah Skinner – “Grab life for …”. The photograph, which is filmed in Botswana, also …

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Kiev, laugh strange “hero Park”

Autochem really excelled. In Kiev, Gogolevskaya street the owner of a Chevrolet parked car blocking the entrance to the house. Netizens contend: In such a confined space may cause fire. — I wonder if he goes through the trunk? — In the passage closely, you can accidentally make a scratch …

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The scandal Dubinsky ridiculed fotozhabu

Picture shared Alex golobutsky. The network has a good laugh in the wealth of the people’s Deputy from the presidential faction “servant of the people,” Alexander Dubinsky. Picture published by political analyst Alexei holomuzki on his page in Facebook. In the Internet posted a shot from the Soviet film “Ivan …

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