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Tibetans in honest photographs. Photo

These people live at high altitude. American photographer Phil Borges (Phil Borges) travels the world and takes pictures of representatives of various indigenous peoples that he encountered. For example, in the photos, which you now see depicted the people of Tibet. 1. Jigme, 8 years old, and Sonam, 18 months. …

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The most secluded resorts in the world. Photo

There is a comfort and complete relaxation. For holidays we increasingly choose far from civilization hotels, preferring those where it is difficult to meet not only their countrymen, but in principle, people from the Big world. But where do you find these places? Before you seven of the most remote …

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The election of US presidents in archival photos. Photo

Photographs, illustrations, cartoons and other materials. Archive Guardian News and Media Archive hosts a collection of cartoons, illustrations and photos dedicated to the presidential elections in the United States that were published in the British publications The Guardian and The Observer over the past 55 years. Untitled, November 7, 1968. …

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Kind of cult cartoonist Gerhard Gluck. Photo

Gerhard Gluck shows real life. Unlike most of his colleagues, Gerhard Gluck almost never draws cartoons on topics of the day. Politics, Economics and global culture have little interest in the artist. His paintings, he devotes a normal life, gently and gracefully ridiculing petty human weaknesses and shortcomings. Paintings and …

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Fifteen the wonders of the “Golden Dubai”. Photo

This is one of the most amazing cities in the world. The incredible heights of skyscrapers, modern motorways, the airport, whose walls are decorated with gold, cyclopean shopping centres and traffic jams of luxury cars on the main streets – all these wonders of the Golden city of Dubai has …

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