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American scientists have discovered an extinct species of the wasp

Американские ученые обнаружили вымерший вид осыA group of researchers were able to detect the OS type, 101 years ago recognized completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.

University of California researchers have made the important discovery that wasp that disappeared 101 years ago, is back again.

In a statement talking about Oobius depressus – the wasps that eat grasshoppers and wood bugs. These wood beetles are pests of black locust, which is known for its durability and strength.

Previously it was thought that wasps, Oobius depressus extinct, as the last time they were found as much in the distant 1914. However, in October of last year the picture was taken, which shows the wasp “extinct” species. She had a shiny black back and its size was about 1.2 cm in length.

Now in the laboratory of the University of California there are already more than 100 individuals of this species OS. In the future, the researchers plan to actively breed this kind of Oobius depressus to fight the grasshoppers and wood bugs.

Recall that a month ago in the Amazon forest were found about 10 thousand individuals of this species. “Wasps are still a little altered, but its beneficial properties for man is not lost”, say the researchers.

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