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The archaeologist named the reason for the transfer to Stonehenge

Археолог назвал причину переноса СтоунхенджаAccording to the researcher, the ancient Welsh took with them “the physical embodiment of ancestors”.

The reason for moving the monument, as noted by archaeologist Mike Parker-Pearson of University College London, have become cultural considerations. Most likely, the monument was transported ancient Welsh because, according to the scientist, he was a “physical manifestation of the ancestors”.

According to archeologists, the territory of Wales the use of Stonehenge had a ritual purpose, in particular for the graves of people. Not being able to transport the remains of their ancestors, Welsh took the decision to relocate the monument itself.

In may, archaeologists have described the method of moving huge stones that comprise Stonehenge, and conducted an experiment. On the transfer of the stones for the monument from Wales to Wiltshire became known in December last year. Stonehenge was built four or five thousand years ago. The most severe of its stones weigh 30-40 tons. The question about the purpose of the monument among the archaeologists and anthropologists still considered open.

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