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Scientists have described a sedative effect intimate life

Ученые рассказали об успокоительном эффекте интимной жизниExperts have told how sex life affects the nervous system.

As reported in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology, scientists have observed the Bonobo pygmy chimps whose females can deceive males that they are ready to conceive to manipulate them. Scientists have followed the cycles of these females and found that they often found about the sexual swelling, which persists to 31 days. This leads to the fact that to protect the female accounts for a longer time, and it’s hard to be sure that his seed.

Thus, competition is reduced, also less than the males force females. As a consequence, the level of aggression in their society remains low. This species of monkeys is famous for its peaceable disposition, and their community are considered to be relatively calm.

Scientists say that thus, sex plays a leading role in the social life of the Bonobo, and replacing the aggressive behavior.

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