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Ukraine has become a country of sex tourism

Украина стала страной секс-туризма

Incoming sex tourism in Ukraine — an underground industry of online services, guides, bartenders and butterflies, Klaudija foreigners.

Margarita, 27-year-old pretty girl from Kiev, a natural blonde with blue eyes, arranges to meet the Correspondent in the Central Metropolitan restaurant Greedy moose, writes Tatyana D in No. 11 of the magazine dated March 25, 2016. Girl sitting at the table not one, but to fellow American.

“He absolutely doesn’t speak Russian, so it will not hurt,” explains Margarita, because we will talk about intimate things, particularly about her meeting with foreigners.

Economist by education, Margaret works in PR and he spends his free time Dating with men who come to Ukraine with the purpose to have fun with girls of easy virtue.

Sometimes Margarita are tied for a long period of communication, for example, the Turks Altan, whom she met on the Internet. To start young people “pulikali” photos of each other on Instagram, then began to chat in Vkontakte.

“It got me hooked superficially, — says Margarita. — Cheated, of course. Told that I’m “not like the other, not selfish”. Maybe so gifts to do. In General, the Turks are more delicate, caring. Our bolder”.

Ukrainian women seeking earnings by sex, in addition to social networks are catching foreigners on Dating sites. Margaret often sits on Badoo. Girl every day I write the Turks, the Arabs, the Asians, at least the Germans.

According to the Department for combating crimes connected with human trafficking, Netpolicy of Ukraine, over the past two years the flow of foreign visitors to Ukraine has increased significantly.

Those who come to our country for sex tourism, they perfectly know, where and for how much you can rent a girl for the night.

The increase in the number of foreign hunters moths militiamen associated with the fall in the value of their services against the background of deteriorating economic situation in the country. One hour of sex in Ukraine today is worth from $ 10 to $ 75

The increase in the number of foreign hunters moths militiamen associated with the fall in the value of their services against the background of deteriorating economic situation in the country.

One hour of sex in Ukraine today is worth from $ 10 to $ 75. It is much cheaper than in many European countries, especially for those who pays Patriotic prostitutes in dollars or euros. In particular, in Turkey sex with a woman will cost several times more expensive.

The growth of inbound tourism from the above mentioned countries indirectly evidenced by the data of the state aviation service of Ukraine. Passenger transportation between Turkey and Ukraine in 2015 year, compared with 2014 increased from 860,4 thousand people to 988,3 thou. people, from Israel and back — 421,5 thousand people to 549,2 thousand people.

Almost doubled the volume of traffic between Ukraine and the USA from 55.4 thousand people to 99.4 thousand, Austria — 270,5 thousand people to 292,7 thousand people Almost in each of these countries there is a simplified system for obtaining Ukrainian visas.

In March 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has simplified the obtaining of visas for citizens of 27 countries.

However, foreigners come here soon not for the purpose of sex tourism, and on business, clarify with the police, but simultaneously can use the sphere of intimate services.

In addition to open borders and the fall of the hryvnia role in the promotion of sex tourism was played by the desire of young Ukrainians to escape abroad.

Many of them are eager to meet foreigners, waiting for a serious relationship, but often get only fans of sexy entertainment.

PR body

The boyfriend of Margaret in the Arbour, which for some time stayed in Ukraine, planning to open a cafe on the weekend I often came from Turkey, his friend Selim.

Selim fifty, his wife was seriously ill, and in Ukraine he regularly flies in search of available sex. Margarita is known not one such story.

“A lot of Turks in SkyBar, D*Lux. Even look TAO CLUB, it is more expensive. A lot of Arabs in the Caribbean Club, she says. — Sometimes the three of us went, me, Altan and his friend. Selim, of course, not handsome, overweight. And not very secured. But it is still cheaper [to remove girls], and the choice of those same Ukrainians more than in Turkey”.

Usually the foreigner is not difficult to get acquainted with a new passion, even without knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian. Enough to buy a cocktail favourite miss, and if she accepted the drink, is a sign of willingness for closer communication.

The standard phrase for “how are you?” plus $ 100 and an hour of love Turku provided. Two days of Selim, had sex with a dozen girls, tells Margarita, if he liked, could pay $ 200.

Increasingly, however, sex tourists hope to get is not totally cheap, but totally free sex. Spending on cocktails doesn’t count

Professional pickup artist rush Wie, an American of Turkish origin, who described his experience in the book Sleeping with the Ukraine, talks about the ways to minimize costs in the seduction of our female compatriots.

Although Wie believes Ukrainian women are the most feminine in the world, yet not too advises them to spend money. “They weren’t very used to local men have not enough money to take a girl to a restaurant,” writes sex tourist.

VI depicts his three-month stay in Kharkov, who, thanks to his book has acquired the status of “intimate capital” of Ukraine.

However, since the adventures of the American network of cities that attract pickup of all stripes, has expanded.

This is indirectly evidenced by the opening of representative offices of the airlines that operate in those areas, where, according to stories of girls, comes the greatest number of men in search of sex.

Part of the illegal industry of sex tourism become Internet sites and marriage agencies, through which the foreigners in touch with the girls and sometimes they organize such meetings.

Margarita worked in a dozen such companies — provided their photos to the sites for attracting the foreigners. Some agencies provide their expatriate managers periodically checked, whether the girls work on the website.

So Margaret had one to two months to talk on camera, how many men she allegedly communicated. Actually “catalis” fans of Margaret’s other collaborators — professional translator, a student of Yazov.

From marriage agencies Margarita received a rate of 5 thousand UAH per month just for the fact that the site hangs her profile. “Not paying on time, but in the end it was only one and a half thousand”, — she complains.

However, if such sites help you to get acquainted with foreigners for marriage, though sometimes they cheat their clients and a blind date with fake photos often fail, resources such as gia.la and caryonline.com aimed specifically at people looking for sexual adventure.

Most likely, the owners of these two sites are situated in Ukraine, but they are registered in other countries — in the Netherlands and Romania, militiamen assume, claiming that their activity is a criminal offence under articles Pimping and Organization of brothels.

Often girls on the hour for foreign nationals pimps looking for and through social networks, offering them positions like hostess or model. The victim fills out the form, and then she specified that the job involves sex. However, many agree, says Margarita.

Ladies elite escort, competing with each other, advertise themselves in nizkodohodnyh magazines. Margarita now works in one of them — just in Kiev there are about five.

The publication is distributed to hotels and clubs and has positioned itself as a fashionable gloss, who writes on various secular themes, for example, on tourism. However, one of its main purposes, according to Margaret, is the promotion for prostitutes.

Wealthy, often foreign currency, escortsite and just wanting to be advertized girls are ready to pay from $ 1 thousand for the placement of their photos inside the publication and $ 5-7 thousand for the cover, which may appear as an advertisement of the magazine on a Billboard.

“Wealthy girls are just PR, satisfy your ego. Sometimes they pay husbands or lovers. And escortsite so stuffed yourself, then to have on their sites write — a model was the cover girl and stuff like that, — says Margarita. — Sometimes men find themselves”.

See Ukrainian women in Dating and companionship with foreigners not only an opportunity to earn extra money, but also cherish the treasured dream — to get successfully married.

Sometimes girls ask for the addresses of “safe” marriage agencies to the human rights organization La Strada Ukraine, says the Director of its Department of legal and social assistance Marina Easy.

Although La Strada this information to provide, but often gives them legal advice hotline, including on safe travel abroad.

Legenky notes that in recent years, increasingly turn to them for such advice girls from among the immigrants and not only. In search of a better life of Ukrainians pushes economic instability.

26-year-old Olga recently lost his job and buried the mother. She did not see any prospects, and then in her life there was Ahmet. The Turk was of the same age with Olga and had a good impression.

“It was the love of my life,” says the girl. She did not hesitate and agreed to go to Ahmet in Istanbul to stay. But the young man had her other plans.

Settling the girl into a rented apartment, he began to bring friends and have an Orgy, which involved a Ukrainian woman. Olga came to Turkey at the expense of Ahmet, and she had no money for a return ticket.

I had to go to the Ukrainian Consulate. At home, in Kiev, the girl took a while to recover after its Turkish voyage, visited a psychologist.

Although Sergei, bartender of one of the restaurants in the area of the Maidan, and have a happy story like Dating in his school.

“There was one girl, probably a year went by us as a job. Got married — now in Spain, the child is already there, the husband a very wealthy,” he says.

The client

The girls who go on the Kiev clubs and pubs in search of wealthy foreigners in Ukraine has long been a common phenomenon. Of course, not every while engaged in prostitution.

Many become an easy catch for pickup due to excessive credulity and stereotypes, for example, if a foreigner, make sure you have money and positive.

Men who come to Ukraine for girls, their sustainable beliefs. One of them: Ukrainian women — beautiful, gentle, caring and affordable

Men who come to Ukraine for girls, their sustainable beliefs. One of them: Ukrainian women — beautiful, gentle, caring and affordable.

“For many foreigners it is normal to buy sex. For the Ukrainian tradition, this is less true, says Julia strebkova, dianthicola sociology and law of the CRPD. — When you come to Ukraine wealthy men from other countries and our girls accompany them, created [the girls] the illusion of familiarity, hence the feeling of similarity in human relationships that, in turn, avoids the banality of prostitution”.

Today expats — sexual lovers of hunting — I prefer to come to Ukraine not at random, but with a pre-planned route and guaranteed sexual services.

You can order them online. Only enter in the search engine “sex tours to kiev” — and options galore. Huge selection of girls, there is a flexible system of discounts.

For $ 2 thousand sites undertake to organize a two days stay in Kiev in a rented apartment and with the elite prostitute with a range of services all inclusive, i.e. all types of sex.

On the resources you can choose your favorite girl, to explore her options, price, and after email communication with the moderator he will give the key code, which you can use to see the face of his “lady”.

The voyage was organized with the participation of elite prostitutes, not all visitant “princes” can afford. Hour this diva can do, according to the police, from $ 300 to $ 2,5 thousand and more

However, an organized trip with the participation of elite prostitutes, not all visitant “princes” can afford. Hour this diva can do, according to the police, from $ 300 to $ 2,5 thousand and more. But Ukraine often visit are not the rich foreigners. They are selling love at a reasonable price.

Foreign “Romeo” tells the habitats of ladies of the capital’s taxi drivers and administrators of pubs. Especially, in the streets of Kiev, for example, in the Bessarabska square area openly distribute addresses “massage parlors”, under the guise of offering sexual services.

The aforementioned bartender tells Sergei that sometimes causes girls to clients for only $ 50 “to Pushkin” — the Central streets of the capital, where is located one of the well-known Kiev brothels.

According to Vladislav Clubs, acting head of the Department for combating crimes connected with human trafficking, they do not highlight the concept of sex tourism.

The police handles crimes that are associated with it, — the organization of brothels (article 302 of the criminal code), procuring (303), prostitution (article 181-1 of the code of administrative offences).

He said that over the past few years the number of cases filed in the first two articles, have not changed significantly. In 2014 according to the article 302 497 cases have been opened, in 2015-m — 466; article 303 — 311 and 244, respectively. In year 10 identified by criminal organizations.

Police explained this statistic to the fact that in the growth industry that supports sex-tours, there is no meaning, because foreign nationals and so well-versed in this area.

At the same time, Martha Skoryk, Director of the Kyiv Institute of gender studies, believes that the phenomenon of sex tourism usually means that the country has a large and no one recorded the internal market of prostitution.

“In order to make the business flourished, and sex tourism is, of course, the business is primarily needed his criminal organization,” she said.

It’s not just a spontaneous movement of concerned Amateurs, the expert explains, because of potential sex tourists often gather in groups underground tour operators in advance and come up with a plan of staying in Ukraine.

To become a favorite destination for sex tourism, a combination of several factors: poverty, feminization of poverty, a narrow corridor of possibilities, and established criminal patterns. Ukraine was among the countries that have the properties of

The country became a favorite destination for sex tourism, a combination of several factors, say analysts. The first is poverty, second is the feminization of poverty, when women get poorer faster than men.

The third factor is the narrow corridor of possibilities, a narrowing of the labour market and, finally, the fourth is a well-established criminal structures. Ukraine was among the countries that possess all the above characteristics, once in the company of Cuba, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and some post-Soviet countries.

Some experts believe that the situation may be changed by the legalization of prostitution. The number of bills in Parliament on this subject in recent times has increased dramatically. The problem has long been discussed in society.

“Ukraine is one of the best countries where you can inexpensively and have a good rest in the company of selling women. The sex itself is not a problem in any form. — said Vlad Ivanenko, editor of Playboy Ukraine. — Problem in the minds of those who see sex as a problem. Mostly it’s politicians who are held in private homes colourful Orgy involving the prostitutes. The only solution is to legalize the industry as soon as possible”.

But there is an opposing point of view based on foreign experience. The legalization of prostitution will only expand the market for these services, says Skoric.

“There is an interesting study on Northern Europe, she says. — In areas where there are legal brothels, immediately formed a geographical area of potential danger for women and children living around these brothels. They are much more likely to suffer different types of violence. This is because it was “officially” allowed women to be treated as things.”

The famous American feminist and Executive Director of the Coalition against trafficking women Janice Raymond believes that the legalization of prostitution does not control the sex industry, but expands it

She gives the example of American Victorian. If in 1989 there were about 40 houses of prostitution, 10 years after the legalization of these places their was 94 — and that’s not counting the 84 escort agencies.

However, experts insist if not on the legitimacy of brothels, at least on compulsory licensing of marriage agencies. Without this it is impossible to be sure that they are actually not engaged in a pimping.

Marina very light warns that sometimes under the guise of marriage agencies are a criminal organization involving girls in prostitution.

The legalization of prostitution and there are many opponents who believe that this will further involve Ukrainians in this area.

“This problem will disappear only if it will engage, sums up Skoryk. — The issue of so-called sex tourism must be approached comprehensively, with the participation of various ministries — the Ministry of internal Affairs, Minsotspolitiki, Ministry of education. And the legalization of prostitution while not a panacea. Our country should not trade their women, even more if she had nothing to trade”.

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