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Possibility of TVs that support Wi-Fi: technologies for the wireless connection

Modern TVs with support for Wi-Fi able to stream content from computers and mobile devices without the “mediation” of the router. The possibility of a direct wireless connection provided by advanced technology Wi-Fi Direct and its modifications — Miracast and WiDi. Secure connection without the use of access points is just a couple of seconds on the analogy of the connection of Bluetooth devices.

Возможности телевизоров с поддержкой Wi-Fi: технологии прямого беспроводного соединения

Technology direct wireless connection allows you to use the TVs Wi-Fi as a second monitor for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. Big screen with HD resolution, full HD or UHD may be used to view movies, photos, streaming video and other media content. An additional advantage — the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control TV with Smart TV function.

Wi-Fi Direct

For direct media sharing, you will need at least one Wi-Fi device with a wireless module Wi-Fi Direct. Smartphone or tablet that supports this technology replaces the router acting as a access point. All information is transmitted via a secure connection Wi-Fi Protected Setup and WPA2.

This method of connection has some important advantages over Bluetooth technology: higher data transfer speed, increase the distance between devices, enhanced reliability.


Miracast technology created based on Wi-Fi Direct. It is a kind of superstructure, adapted to transmit 5.1 audio and full HD video from one device to another. To install a secure connection, both devices must support Miracast. This technology is equipped with a LED TV (Samsung, Philips, LG etc.) and mobile devices with Android OS (system version is 4.0 and above), presented in the online shop “Foxtrot”.

Technology capabilities are not limited to broadcast media. On the TV screen displays all the visual information that is rendered on the display of smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Display (WiDi)

WiDi — developed by Intel. This solution is used for direct wireless connection of laptops and tablets based on Windows (version 7 and above) with TV, equipped with modules Wi-Fi. Devices that support WiDi are equipped with Wi-Fi modules Intel Centrino. To pair used.

Wireless Display technology allows you to broadcast FullHD video and 4K running on a laptop/tablet. In the process of transferring media content, the laptop can be used to multitask — to work with programs, surfing the Internet or playing games.

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