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bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X): budget 10.1-inch tablet with LTE support

Today we are testing bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X), a tablet computer with a 10.1-inch display, Quad-core 64-bit processor and LTE support. The device is 8 490 rubles. So it’s not just a cheap “tablet”, and the most affordable tablet computer with a larger screen (10.1 inches diagonally) and LTE. In General, the model is actually very interesting. Let’s get to know her better and find out what I had to save the developers, so the end product was the most inexpensive in its class.

Package contents
Knowing the low price bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X), we can assume that the kit will be cut to the minimum. However, this is not so, the kit, in addition to the tablet, comes with: unit charger (power 2), cable microUSB-USB OTG cable (to connect the tablet to a mouse, keyboard or flash), a handy stylus for capacitive screens, cloth for wiping the screen and casing, manual and warranty card. Also note the presence of glued to the screen of a transparent film that protects the surface from scratches and other damage.

Appearance and controls
Looks like bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is definitely more than its price. The tablet looks modern and quite attractive. The location of some elements (for example, front and rear cameras) suggests that the device will be used mostly in landscape orientation. Although, of course, nothing prevents to hold it like a book, i.e. vertically. On the front side of the tablet, except the screen, you can see a front camera of 0.3 MP for video calls.

Back bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is made of plastic. This is not some kind of Mat or gloss, but rather high quality plastic with stamping under the skin and the decorative “stitching” around the perimeter. It looks nice, and feels nice. So, on the back of the tablet is the main camera of 2 megapixels and an led flash. There are also two slots loud speaker. In addition, on the back of the tablet contains a removable plug. Underneath is a compartment for memory expansion and two slots for SIM-card format miniSIM.

If you hold the tablet horizontally, i.e. in landscape orientation, hardware keys placed on his right side. This standard is a rocker volume control and power key. At the top end, bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) we see an audio output Jack of 3.5 mm and a microUSB port.

Though bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) and a budget model, it is collected on conscience. There are no large gaps between body panels, no rough seams or burrs on the plastic. In General, the build quality to save not steel, and rightly so.

As we have said above and as the name implies the model bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is equipped with a 10.1-inch screen. The resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels – that’s the first hint in the budget of the unit. It is clear that the image is not that clear as we would like. If you look closely, the individual pixels are visible, but the eye for them “hating”. Display bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) TFT-TN, and not IPS, like the more expensive models. However, color rendition at the screen is good, but stock brightness is enough to use the device in the sun. What differentiates TFT-TN from IPS – limited viewing angles. In other words, when looking at the screen bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) wide-angle color noticeably inverted. In General, display bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is not a strong point of the device. However, it is not as bad as it may seem – tablet-cheap.

Operating system
Today you can still find many budget tablets on Android 4.4 KitKat. bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) stands out on their background, running Android 5.1 Lollipop. Yes, this is not the most recent version of the OS, but, nevertheless, still relevant. “Green robot” is presented in its original form, there are no shells and launchers, all pretty standard.

A set of standard programs supplemented by some services of “Yandex”. All of them can be seen on the below screenshots. Also note the presence of features of OTA Update or “upgrade by air”. Seemingly, nothing unusual, but for budget is not typical.

Hardware platform and communication
Another unusual budget models of the time – the presence of a decent modern CPU. So, bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is used quite a productive 64-bit chip MediaTek MT8735M with four processing cores working at a frequency up to 1.3 GHz. There is also a graphics accelerator ARM Mali-T720MP2, allowing you to enjoy modern 3D games. The volume of operative memory is 1 GB. To some this may seem little, but recently in the budget models and even 512 MB. GB bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is enough for smooth operation of the interface and opening multiple tabs in the browser. In principle, nothing more is needed.

Works bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) smartly, lack of hardware resources, we did not notice. Desktops turns smoothly, applications run quickly, all the modern toys go without any problems. In the confirmation provided by the results in AnTuTu gadget. 23 thousands of good middle class.

The amount of internal memory bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) reminds about the budget the phone is equipped with only 8 GB. Well at least the phone supports a memory card (microSD format). Here say about wireless tablet. Let’s start with the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To say and nothing special other than the fact that failures in their work is not observed. Also have a GPS receiver that turns the tablet into a Navigator with a large screen. In addition, bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is equipped with a radio that works on 3G/4G-LTE. This provides not only Internet access but also support for voice calls and SMS messages. In other words, the gadget has the functions of a smartphone. However, it is worth considering that the phone has no earpiece, so you’ll have to talk on the speakerphone, and for private conversations, you can use a wired or wireless headset.

In bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) use a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. This is not a record figure for 10.1-inch tablets, but given the low screen resolution and cost-effective chipset that is quite good. In normal use one charge lasts for 1.5 days of work. If the device continuously to twist video in HD-resolution, the battery will run down in approximately 8 hours.

bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) is the most inexpensive tablet computer with the large screen and LTE support. However, the savings are used wisely. Let’s start, for example, with quality build and materials used and finish of the modern processor, the latest version of Android, and rich package bundle. Of course, the downside to the device is too is weak by modern standards the camera and low resolution screen. Summarizing, we can safely say that bb-mobile Techno 10.1 LTE (TQ060X) fully justifies its price tag and we can recommend it to buy. We will remind, the device is 8 490 rubles.

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