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Science in Russia is isolated, as the Runet

Науку в России изолируют, как Рунет

Science in Russia is isolated, as the Runet: the staff of universities are already ordered in writing to report all contacts with foreigners

Kazan Federal University (KFU) was transferred to the new regulations of interaction of University staff with foreigners. In fact, working in an educational institution restricted communication with foreign guests, even informal, if these foreigners take part in the events organized by the University.

The order approving the new regulations were signed by the rector of KFU Ilshat by Gafurovym on 24 September. This document prescribes that meetings of the employees of the University with the invited foreigners can take place only within the walls of the University. The passage and movement of foreigners inside University buildings will provide setdepartment.

Not later than seven days prior to such meeting, must deliver notice of the external relations Department. In this case, an employee of the University shall be obliged to attach to your notice the scan copies of the passports of foreign participants. But after meeting with foreigners, not later than three days after the event should be written to report on it, before the external relations Department.

If an employee of the University will decide informal to meet with a foreigner outside the University or outside working hours, and in this case he must get the personal permission of the rector Gafurov, wrote “Kazan reporter”. The same restrictions are imposed in respect of the Russian citizens working in foreign companies, organizations, funds, etc.

All reports of encounters with aliens or representatives of foreign Russian organizations will be certified by the seal of the University, and then to go to Moscow, to the Ministry of education of Russia.

Note that this innovation is not the initiative of the rector of KFU. All the main provisions of this document reflect the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on international cooperation, who has previously drawn criticism from the scientific community and wounds. The order has caused such a public outcry that the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has promised to clarify the situation. After some time, this was followed by a review of the press service of the Ministry of education, stating that the order is “Advisory in nature”.

However, local universities perceived these recommendations as a direct order from his superiors.

Commenting on these limitations, the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Alexei Khokhlov said today TASS that this will make it impossible to complete the work of the University.

“This order reflects “excesses” of the acclaimed Ministry of education of the Russian Federation (on international cooperation) despite the fact that the Ministry had said from the beginning that their document is Advisory in nature. In fact, a University with such regulations will not be able to operate normally. Science has no national borders, and if each contact to coordinate with the rector, it will inevitably lead to isolation and decay. We need to focus the scientific community on these points, because the order of the CFI may become a precedent for other universities that are now considering whether they need such regulations,” said Khokhlov.

Vice-President of RAS said that for many years worked in the Moscow state University. University, and never, even in Soviet times, such restrictions on cooperation with foreign universities was not.

Only where such rules of interaction with foreign colleagues have meaning, according to him, is a division of scientific institutes, which conduct secret development.

“If it comes to work, employees who are not engaged in secret work, of course, such restrictions are not justified. And there is no such restriction anywhere in the world. None of us, the Russian scientists asks a passport at the entrance to foreign universities, not only takes a special place. On the contrary, a special place is only for those jobs which are closed,” – said the Ukrainians.

To isolate science as Runet

The Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation in February 2019 issued the order “On approval of recommendations on interaction with state authorities of foreign States, international and foreign organizations and acceptance of foreign citizens in the territorial bodies and organizations subordinated to the Ministry of education” to toughen requirements to international cooperation of Russian scientists.

According to the order, in particular, requires that the head of the organization five days before meetings with foreign colleagues were transmitted to the Ministry, indicating, in particular, all Russian participants of the meeting.

In addition, the use of phones, computers, cameras and other equipment foreign scientists is also allowed only in cases “provided for by international treaties of the Russian Federation”.

The Ministry reported that the order is Advisory in nature and reflects global practice.

The order was sent to the Ministry of education and subordinated structures, including universities.



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