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What do you think about 1XBET?

1xbet: Global scam, piracy, fraud and money laundering!

1xbet are not scammers, they are THIEVES

I’m a member in the market technician association,member in the international managerial accountants association,both are the most prestigious entities in economics and managerial accountants world, by far I’ve never experienced a gambling site or any other site worse than 1xbet, they literally took 300 pounds from me and never refund it, they just lost them, I’ll provide the whole story with screenshots of every detail of what happened soon, for now I went to the police office yesterday and we’re preparing to sue them to get compensation

1xBet are a scam. They blocked my withdrawal of N170,000 and subsequently blocked my account. They asked me to verify my account through the sending of various documents and pictures, which I did.

However, they keep asking for the same documents again and again like a bot or something. This has been going on for two weeks now and hasn’t been resolved.

there are other terrible experiences and reviews from other persons, especially on trustpilot.

I would advise that you run away from 1xBet as fast as possible. They are out to scam.

In my opinion, it’s a reliable bookie with cool advertising and high odds. As I can see, there are many different reviews about 1xbet. I think it depends on purposes of each bettor. I’m in betting over 6 years, for this time I tried many bookies from the most famous giants to no names bookies

As for 1xbet, I bet with them 3 years. In my experience, 1xbet is a good source of additional income. Half year ago I passed the verification, it was a bit crazy 😉 My verification taked only 14 days, I passed it via Skype call. They didn’t scam me, I received my money in full. For now, I continue to bet with 1xbet and hope, that everything will be fine in the future too

The only one thing that they need to improve is payments. Sometimes during major championships, you can face with some delays in crediting deposits. It can take till 1 day. So, I recommend to everyone to plan your bets in advance

The company has been operating for many years. I have been in bets since 2016. Their site provides detailed rules and instructions, reliable statistics, as well as safe and convenient payment methods. When I saw 1xbet ads, I decided to play with them and still do it. I can highlight such advantages as various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, excellent betting opportunities, good chances of winning a sport. From my own experience, the only thing I don’t like is the site. It sometimes takes too long.

1xbet is a Scam..don’t be fooled by their tv ads, it’s easy to deposit money into your 1xbet account but IMPOSSIBLE TO WITHDRAW.

1x bet is a betting app where they will ban you if you make more money lets say in my case i made around 1lakh and they banned me , after giving al l the required documents they said like this in the picture below and took 10 percent of my withdrawal money that is around 7500 rsnothing i suggest you to use betway or bet365 where there is delay in payment but at the moment they havent banned me.

1xbet is a good bookie, it’s my main bookie where I regularly place bets. I have been in betting for quite a long time, about 5-6 years already, and during this time I managed to try various world known bookmakers and became very familiar with all the pitfalls that occur when you deal with large bookies. Of all the bookmakers that I have used, 1xbet suits me the most. So, below you can read my 1xbet review.

  • First of all, 1xbet has the good line for many sporting events and the high odds. I regularly bet on a variety of sports ranging from horse racing to traditional football and it’s very important for me that the 1xbet bookie covers all the events that interest me.
  • Secondly, 1xbet is a safe betting site. Of course, like all other bookies 1xbet, it has it own pitfalls, but if you have any questions, you can always contact 1xbet support, where, although not always super fast, they will help you. As for me, this is the main thing.
  • Thirdly, no matter how corny it sounded, they had a very cool 1xbet mobile app. It’s really user-friendly and modern. Also, I would like to separately note the ability to watch online broadcasts, this is also a very nice feature. It’s cool that you can not only place a bet on your favourite team but also watch the game.

Over the years, I really noticed their development, which is also important. Now 1xbet bookie offer more than 30 withdrawal methods, more than 10 of them are in cryptocurrency. To be honest, cryptocurrency isn’t my topic, but it’s clear that they are trying to be in trend. As for me, all these components make 1xbet a really good bookmaker.

I was using 1xBet over 2 years but at finally When I tried to withdraw more money than i deposited amount they disabled the withdrawal funds option. I contacted their support team for past 20 days but no proper response and the solution they didn’t give yet.

After two years I Understood that 1x bet its big scam!!! Last week My wan tickets was 6500€, and yesterday when I was make withdraw they told me that my account is blocked, and all my won tiket will was declined!!! Does anyone know of a lawyer that can fix this problem?

1xBet is a large international betting company. I have used it for 5 years and I can trust it. I prefer to bet in Ethereum and 1xbet website good suits for this purpose. In my experience, 1xbet withdrawals and deposits works good, but if you have any questions, you can always contact to 1xbet support. The most convenient way for me to contact them by mail, live chat sometimes a bit slow.
I also like 1xbet odds for my favorite sports. Thanks to its high odds, 1xbet stands out from other bookmakers that I have used before. I can say the same about 1xbet live broadcasts, its a really good.

In my opinion 1xbet is a reliable bookmaker and you can trust it. Despite the fact that at the moment they have only a license from Curacao, they are actively working on obtaining licenses in other countries. I also like that they conclude sponsorship with famous world teams, this adds to their status and recognition.

In my opinion. YES! I am suprised seeing people saying otherwise. Since I started using 1xbet in 2016 I haven’t regretted even my first bet on their site was won and I was surprised when I withdraw to see the money in my bank within 5min. They have many bet option which makes it easy to win. All technical problems I had with them was resolved… Even some failed payment where returned after going to the bank. I personally havent seen any reason to think they are not trustworthy.

1xbet is a big scam.

I won and made a withdrawal, the transaction showed approved but the money didn’t reflect in my account, call my bank manager, I was told there was no such transaction, I was worried I might have input the wrong account details.

Three days later, I made another withdrawal to one of my account but was extremely careful this time, same thing happened, I called them and they told me to send mail to their email address, up till now nothing has been done, both my money and my wins are gone!

Unfair bookmaker! I paid the funds at 1xbet, but they don’t let me bet. But they don’t let me withdraw those funds! They avoid concrete answers via email! They stole my money!

yes! I play with it over 2 years and it’s ok. and want to say, that the 1xbet is not russian. 1xBet is the international betting company with HQ in Cyprus. i think it’s important.

1X’s greatest feature is their amazing payout of 97.3%, that can reach an unbelievable 98.4% on football matches. They offer a great range of sports, alternative markets, lots of Asian handicaps and special bets.

very interesting bookmaker for everyday using.

1XBET is a good bookmaker. I’ve been in betting for a long time, and I’ve watched 1xbet rapid development since 2008. In the beginning, I had prejudices about 1xbet, but 3 years ago I decided to try bets on the 1xbet website.

I was very impressed by the way they entered the betting market, at some point they became sponsors of my favorite football teams (Barselona and Tottenham), which left me no chance to ignore 1xbet.

From a practical point of view, I like to use 1xbet for sports betting because they have a normal line, high odds, live streams and many payment methods. On the 1xbet site, you can find both the most popular payment systems and options for withdrawing in cryptocurrency, and it’s not just about bitcoin or ethereum.

It should be said that 1xbet also offers a good line for esports, which at the moment is a prerequisite for every bookie who wants to be modern and keep up with the times. 1xbet also offers live streaming of esports events, which is a plus. Hope in the future they will continue to improve this direction.

Of course, like any 1xbet bookie, it has drawbacks such as slow support, a small number of bonuses for regular players, and not very convenient navigation on the site. But as for me, these shortcomings are not critical, and in general, over the years of betting, I have developed a positive opinion about 1xbet.

In india 1xbet app is very worst deposit its take clearly when we with draw money they are not giving properly and time very worst app don play in india any one this app.

I have tried every sportsbook/exchanges online and wanted to try out 1XBET. The site is neat and in fact the best but as in life appearances are often deceptive, I sensed something fishy and hence i opened account with meagre sum. And guess what they wouldn’t let me withdraw my winnings. Their live chat is absolutely hopeless or rather helpless in resolving issues. So clarifying my point please dont even think of signing in with loads of cash on “1xbet”India. Its a scam and unprofessional unless you want to play for fun without any intention of withdrawing. So my best sportsbooks are: Number One “Numero Uno: Oppo888 where they let you withdraw in a short span of 15 minutes. The site looks clumsy but please bear with it. the rest are 2) cricex 3) pb77 4) Dafabet 5) 4rabet and then of course Bet365 but i dont rate it high because in cricket it doesnt give you many options. As for the scamsters there are none online other than 1xbetindia. never ever visit here.

they deserves negative star.They dont even deposit my money.

I try to deposit my money to there preferred deposit method via e-wallet, for the first time, and after i send the money, they dont even bother to deposit it in my account.

I Mail the issue with every required evidence the asked for to there deposit issue team but didn’t get any reply.

Don’t even talk about the live operators there the worst i ever seen any online services, they just give you copy pest answer every time like robots, i dont even know whats the purpose of there job?

They cant even give u proper information or any kind of solution.

The whole customer care is just horrible, why anyone would like to give there money to this worse online casino i ever seen, i have no idea.

Please dont even think to playe and lose your money in this site bcz here u dont have a chance to even try your luck.

The live operator even kind of threaten me by saying if i try to complain about the same issue multiple times then it can even never be resolved!!!

I’m just speechless.

I think they just took the huge advantage of player like us who lived in a third world asian country.

I’m sure they never tret there customers from Europe or America(i doubt they have) like they threated us.

Dear plyers from asian country, dont even think to open an account in 1xbet.

Theyre just scamming people.

I think government should take hard step about thise types of online gambling websites.

I wish i could sue them. I born in the wrong country

Yes, 1xbet can be trusted. I use this bookie and my withdrawals and deposits are working well. Recently I was even lucky enough to win an over $ 800 and yesterday I successfully withdrawal it to my Visa and even large amounts are always credited to my account. I have already gone through the verification process, it took no more than three days. I haven’t violated anything and I haven’t been blocked and I continue to play without any restrictions

I’ve done some research before start playing with 1xbet and read a huge amount of 1xbet reviews. Some of them were telling that 1xbet is a scam, others were telling 1xbet is the best bookie. You never know the truth unless you try by yourself. That’s what I did. And, to be honest, have no regrets. They gave me a great bonus as for a newbie. They have really high odds. All my withdrawals were fast. I’ve never faced any issues. So far, so good. Will see.

1xbet is a safe and trusted bookmaker. I have been betting on the 1xbet website for over one year and during this time, I have made a lot of withdrawals and deposits, mainly via Astropey. In general, everything works stably and well, even with large amounts of founds. 1xbet have many payment options which you can find on their website.
Recently I successfully passed the verification process, it took some time to check the documents. In any case, I cannot say that 1xbet verification lasted longer than other major bookies. In some popular bookies in which I played before I had to wait for months.

  • In order to pass the verification successfully and then not complain that your account was blocked – always read the bookmaker’s rules before registering an account there. And of course, if you are a risky guy and like arbitrage, you should also look for another bookmaker. The 1xbet immediately notices arbitrage and cuts it down.

I have a good 1xbet review and I can safely advise 1xbet to my friends and to everyone who is looking for safe and good betting options bookie.

1xbet is a popular international site for players who like to bet on various sports and games. The company has been operating since 2007. Market choices, big bonuses and liquidity make them one of the best bookmakers.

1xbet also live broadcasts, virtual sports, bingo, poker and a wide range of sporting events. 1xbet focuses on popular leagues in each respective sport, for example in football this is the World Cup, UEFA. As for me, quite good conditions. So, I have a good 1xbet review.

1xbet is the first bookie, which I’ve start playing two years ago. I think they have normal conditions (a normal line, high odds, live streams and many payment methods). I like it and now can say that you can trust it. Because I have several times withdrawal founds and each time it was quickly and safe. Everything was easy also with the accrual of funds to the 1xbet account. Usually I make all operations through Skrill, but in the near future I also want to try to play with cryptocurrency.

Yeah, 1xbet simply good bookie with cool promotions. I bet with 1xbet website many years. In my experience all payments credit quick and stable. For all 6 years betting with 1xbet I had only one or two delays with deposits. Thus, I doesn’t see nothing critical in this.

1xbet is a big betting platform well-known all over the world. They have many sponsorship contracts with famous football leagues. 1xbet is a global partner of FC Barcelona. In my opinion this contract is high confidence indicator to the bookmaker.

On 1xbet website you can find many bounces nd payment options for every country. So, it doesn’t matter where are you from.

Since I regularly bet on 1xbet, I decided to write a review about the company to share my experience with others.

After a few months, I discovered many of its benefits that I hadn’t expected: reliable 1xbet support team, fast and smooth payouts, numerous payment options including cryptocurrency, regular bonuses, wide line. I can also assume that 1xbet app is one of the best. It works wonderful – no glitches at all (at least on my phone).

One of the most important factors that I took into account when choosing 1xbet was its verification process. I was able to follow all the steps correctly and successfully. This process convince me that 1xbet is not a scam, definitely.

The company has Curacao license and sponsors such professional leagues as LaLiga, Serie A and FC Barcelona. All these prove me that I have a deal with reliable bookmaker.

Good bookie with great odds. It’s not so popular than other betting giants, but still great for an ordinary bettor. I use it for 4 years and never faced with any serious problems. I never bet on any arbitrage or something like that. My verification on 1xbet website was a little weird, but fast. I have nothing to complaints.

In my opinion, 1xbet is a trusted bookie. I did many deposit & withdrawal transactions, all of them were credited to my game account/wallet. The speed of payments also good, yesterday I withdrew money within 10 minutes. 1xbet also has many different Ligue’s for bets, so the line always good.

To sum it up, I can recommend 1xbet to everyone who loves betting and want to try something new.

In my experience 1xbet is trusted bookie.

I bet for a long time and changed many bookmakers from the most popular to the unknown. After some time I decided to stop on 1xbet app. For now I use it for 4 years and it never disappointed me. I prefer to bet on NBA matches and 1xbet always has great odds for this goal. Another factor why I like this bookie is their support. Despite the fact, that they sometimes slowly they always helped me. Several times they even resettled my bets as win.

1xbet withdrawals work fast. For example, yesterday I withdrawal 300$ only for 20 minutes. Deposits are also credited fast, in my experience it only 15–20 minutes. The bookie provides many payment methods, but I prefer to use Skrill. It’s the most comfortable for me.

Sum it up, 1xbet it’s a good bookie and it doesn’t matter where are you from and what is your betting skills. I even recommend 1xbet app to some of my friends and they successfully use it for a long time.

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