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Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G – compact universal assistant

Modern smartphones have leaped forward in terms of performance, but their capabilities are not always enough, particularly when working with documents, maps, and all those on so uncomfortable to watch on a small display. There is a need for something larger, but at the same time comfortable, mobile and compact, so the laptops immediately swept aside. And here on the scene tablets with screens up to 8 inches, as, for example, new Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G.

The tablet Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is a novelty in the domestic market, which is able to not just be a great addition to the smartphone, and completely replace it. At least this is the impression formed during the initial acquaintance with its features. Today, this model proved to be in our test, and it’s time to understand what it can do.



The tablet Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G refers to the number of budget models, but the packaging looks very expensive: strong cardboard in black colour with inlays of gloss and bright red hue just hint that inside is something powerful and interesting.

The idea of the appearance of the gadget can be obtained directly without a web search: it detailed the photos are right on the top cover of the package. From below you can see a brief list of the main features of the tablet, for which a buyer will compare it with competitors. For those who need more information, there is in Russian a comprehensive list of characteristics so that useful information, despite the General compactness of the box, more than enough.



On opening the package, find the tablet in a plastic box, protected from possible damage during transportation. Along with the device itself comes with only the Essentials: brand charger, data cable and manual. Note that in Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G it is possible to connect a wired headset through a 3.5 mm input, but the headphones themselves are not included.

The manual combined with the warranty card and written in several languages. It contains only basic information about the tablet, and with good reason: the computer runs on Google’s Android OS, existing for almost 10 years, and are familiar with it, if not all, almost all the inhabitants of our planet.


Hardware specifications

As mentioned above, to learn about the hardware of the tablet Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is possible by reviewing the information on the back of its packaging. It can also be found on the official website of the manufacturer.
screen: IPS, 7 inch, 1280×800 pixels;
– processor: INTEL Atom x3 C3230-RK, 4×1,2 GHz;
– memory: 1.5 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 64 GB;
– network support: GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, WCDMA 900, WCDMA 2100;
– operating system: Google Android 5.1 Lollipop;
– interfaces: microSD, microUSB 2.0, SIM, 3.5 mm;
– wireless modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth;
– integrated camera: Rear: 2MP, front: 0.3 MP;
– battery: Li-polymer, 2800mAh;
– case color: Dark grey, white;
– extra features: acceleration Sensor, GPS, FM radio, speaker, microphone;
– dimensions: 190х125х10 millimeters;
– weight: 270 grams.

As can be seen from the list, the tablet can boast of the support of cellular networks of the second and third generations, most common on the territory of our country. In this case their help is not only Internet access but also the ability to make voice calls. Also note the presence of a CPU produced by Intel that are not so common in budget models, but always has a positive effect on productivity growth.



The tablet Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G we got in the dark grey but only as regards its ends and the rear part: the front panel of the computer traditionally glossy black. The back and sides have a matte and slightly rough surface, bearing two functions: thanks to it the device doesn’t slip out of your hands and not covered with fingerprints – during testing on this surface, not a single trace of hands.

The front panel is factory-shipped in protective tape where the fingerprints still remain, but, nevertheless, can be easily removed. Externally the computer looks very solidly and integrally: despite the plastic shell, it does not creak and do not play, so the build quality here at a very high level.



Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G perfectly fits one small size palm. Its weight is almost not felt, which allows you to work with him for a long time and use it to make voice calls.

On the front panel of the computer, in addition to the screen, which displays the Android virtual buttons are selfie-camera without a flash and beautifully designed speaker. Sensors, lighting and proximity in this model do not exist.

The upper end of the body given over to the 3.5 mm input under earphones and a microUSB port, and on the left side, in its upper part, placed the volume rocker and power key. Both buttons have a raised surface for a more sure “grip” with your finger when pressed. The distance between them is quite big, so that confused the buttons would be impossible.

On the bottom is a lonely microphone, and behind one can see a fairly large hole under the main speaker, a lot of service information, basic camera and a small plastic cover at the upper edge. It conceals the SIM card and microSD slots, with note, here come the SIM card is standard size, so no crop will be required. Plastic cover keeps very tight, so take care of your nails.


Touch screen Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is 7-inch panel is made by technology IPS. It guarantees good color reproduction and wide viewing angles, and this computer has it all. The information on the display is read from nearly any angle, both vertically and horizontally. However, the screen is still scared of the sun: while sunlight is observed a fairly typical pattern for low-cost devices – it still fades, although, importantly, not exclusively, information can still be state. Partially rescued maximizes the brightness of the backlight, but it is not a panacea.

But multitouch in Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G brutally honest: the screen supports five simultaneous touches, which is more than enough for most popular gestures, as well as for applications and video games.


Work in cellular networks and GPS

The tablet was tested in networks of operators “MTS” and “MegaFon”. In both cases, the Prestigio MultiPad Wize finds 3797 3G GSM network almost immediately after entering the card’s PIN and confidently holds communication not just open space, but among the concrete slabs, that is in the room. With 3G, the situation is slightly different – the network search takes about a minute but the relationship with her, again, confident. The downloading is happening in the technology of speed, but this option is more dependent on settings from the operator, rather than from the user device. Support 4G or LTE in this model is not provided.

Voice speaker of the tablet was very loud: the interlocutor can hear you even at half volume. At the microphone there is no noise reduction system, but, according to the person at the other end of the line, extraneous street noise was barely audible. However, the microphone is very afraid of the wind. As for the main dynamics, it has an average volume. In the room the melody of the incoming call will be heard loud and clear, but in the car while driving, the probability to miss a call.

With a Bluetooth headset, the tablet works very well: the synchronization takes place almost without delay, and signal quality at altitude even in the presence of a concrete slab between the headset and computer. To the GPS satellites Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G connects relatively confident: cold start takes about two minutes, but in later times it takes less than a minute. Validation occurred by using the navigation ON the “Navitel.Navigator. This fact means that the tablet can and should be used as a car Navigator, not to be distracted from the road trying to look out for the route options on a small smartphone screen.



Hardware capabilities, including the touchscreen, we tested in bench-AnTuTu and Quadrant marks the latest at the moment of writing of article version. For entry-level devices Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G showed very solid results both in terms of processing arrays of data and work with graphics. From this it follows that a computer may be useful in working with documents, and in video games, when you want to pass the time.

In synthetic test AnTuTu computer 17224 earned points, and Quadrant gave him 3945 points. In both cases, the program has highly appreciated the potential of the CPU, which once again confirms the advantage of Intel products over the competitors with the ARM architecture. Also looked very good memory, both operational and embedded. A graphic component, based on the results obtained, will be sufficient for most modern video games.



Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is powered by the standard version of Google’s Android OS 5.1 Lollipop, one of the most up-to-date. Unfortunately, we cannot say that it is not overloaded with additional software: applications that do not need the majority of consumers in the stock firmware are present, but note that they are still not so much.

In the list of non-standard can be attributed to the number of video games and branded apps from Lenovo, plus many do not want to use Google services such as Drive, Photos, Hangrouts and their ilk. Some of these applications can be removed by standard means, but in most cases without root and special tools do not work.

The tablet has 8 GB of internal memory, from which the user can 4,61 GB, but in fact – and at 3,19 GB, if not to remove the standard software. There is always the possibility to install new applications from Google Play, which computer has full access. The microSD slot easily determine the memory card to 64 GB, as stated in the specifications, but with a 128 GB drive refused to work.


Work offline

Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is powered by a battery capacity of 2800 mAh. Manufacturer time of Autonomous work is not specified, but in our case, a full battery charge, assuming unscrewed a maximum backlight and included wireless communication modules (except 3G) is enough for 10 hours. Of these, two hours were spent on the Internet via Wi-Fi, the hours spent on streaming HD video, hour on video games with three-dimensional graphics, two hours for reading an e-book, and I still had about 4 hours of talk time in GSM network. The transition to 3G reduces battery life in talk mode for 1 hour.

In our view, such a result is exceptional due to the fact that the battery we are not grooved. Probably after a few charge cycles it will improve performance even more. Special attention is given a complete charger it outputs 5 volts and 2 amperes, this means that to fill the battery in the Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G will leave very little time: in our case, from 0 to 100% the battery charged a little less than two hours.


Built-in camera

Camera Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G – it’s just something nominal, in the event that if you need to take a photo in the absence of the smartphone or camera. Needless to say, between 0.3 and 2 MP, no one is waiting for miracles anymore, especially as the flash in this model, so the cameras we put we will not, we note only that they are.


The end

Tablet computer Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G when compared with competitors in the same price range, wins on many parameters, in particular, on the quality of performance, appearance and capabilities. Of course, I would like something larger, for example, two SIM slots, or at least a wired headset in the sales package, but the price decides it all: at the time of writing the tablet was worth, according to “Yandex.Market”, 4990 rubles. In other words, its value does not reach 100 U.S. dollars at the current rate, and she more than lives up to, if only because when purchasing this tablet on the territory of our country has the opportunity to participate in the draw of 2,000 prizes. The campaign has already started, and its conditions can be found on the official website promo-prestigio.ru.


In our opinion, the Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G is quite decent replacement for the entry-level smartphone, as a means of voice communication, and as a car Navigator.


Pros Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G

– non-marking housing;

– high build quality;

– high performance;

– access to cellular networks;

– the GPS module;

– low cost.


Cons of Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3797 3G

– poor equipment;

– one SIM slot.

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