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In The Witcher 3 appeared first person mode

В The Witcher 3 появился режим от первого лицаLook at the world through the eyes of the Witcher, without a doubt, many want.

Company CD Projekt initially conceived the series as The Witcher role-playing game from the third person, and up to the release of the third part of the series, this tradition was preserved. However, those who are curious about your favorite locations through the eyes of Geralt of Rivia, and not because of his shoulder, now have the opportunity.

Now he has decided to share its achievements by publishing a list of videos that allow you to look at Novigrad and other locations of the game world from a different angle.

Currently the Modder has faced a number of problems to be addressed before open access fashion to everyone. In particular, the author of the project is not yet able to perfectly adjust the swinging of the head during movement, and also to remove the bug of the disappearance of objects when the camera is too close to it.

The biggest drawback of the mod at the current stage is the lack of ability to control the camera by mouse in the video visible sharp movements rotate the camera with buttons that will surely turn away users from the mod. The author of the project is not intended to perfectly remake the camera system for various situations in the game.

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