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The disappearance of these people still raises many questions. Photo

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото They failed to explain.

Worldwide each year thousands of people go missing. In some cases, the official investigation does not give any results, we can say that people literally dissolve in the air — cannot find any reasonable explanation or credible evidence.

Here are ten people on unraveling the disappearance of which is still struggling researchers and enthusiasts.

1. Maura Murray

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

On February 9, 2004, the year the 21-year-old student at the University of Massachusetts sent to e-mail his employer and several teachers letter, which reported that she was forced to leave town because of the death of one of the relatives.

The same night Maura had an accident by crashing her car into a tree near the town of Woodsville that in the state of new Hampshire, USA. By a strange coincidence, two days before the incident with Murray in the same place there was another car accident.

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

The driver of a passing bus offered Maura help, but she refused. Anyway, when they reached the phone, the bus driver called for backup, but arrived at the scene of the accident just after ten min, the police found that the girl had disappeared. No signs of a struggle on the ground was never found, so that the official version of Maura left the scene voluntarily.

The next day, Maura’s relatives in Oklahoma has received a voice message containing muffled sobs. Although, according to eyewitnesses, a few days before the mysterious disappearance of a Murray enough behaved strangely, her family is sure that Maura could not leave the scene of the accident on their own, without leaving any trace. For the past nine years no one can find adequate explanation for the incident.

2. Brandon Swenson

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

19-year-old Brandon Swanson may 14, 2008, the year went by car to his hometown of Marshall, Minnesota. It so happened that his car went off a rural road and ended up in a ditch. The young man called his parents and asked them to remove it from the scene of the accident, but arrived on the scene the family was unable to find it. Answering the call of his father, Brandon said, moving towards the neighboring town of Linda, and then swore, and the connection is terminated.

Several attempts to reach the young men were not given anything. Later, the police found broken car Swenson, however, neither the mobile phone nor the guy could not be found. According to one version, he could have drowned in the nearby river, but a thorough search of the riverbed did not help — the young man had disappeared.

3. Louis Le Prince

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

French inventor Louis Le Prince, many believe the true Creator of the film — it was he who invented the movie camera with one lens, capable of capturing moving objects on film.

However, he is known not only for its merit in the creation of cinema — humanity still is haunted by his strange disappearance.

16 Sep 1890-th years, Le Prince was visiting his brother in the French city of Dijon, and then went by rail to Paris, but when the train arrived in the capital, it became clear that Le Prince inexplicably disappeared.

The last time saw him was when he sat in his car, along the way the train made several stops, but no one saw, so Louis went with him. In addition, the inventor was carrying a lot of Luggage, but the many drawings and equipment also disappeared.

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

Thomas Edison

The theory of suicide, the investigators considered untenable, since it is unlikely that Le Prince had reasons to settle scores with life: from Paris he intended to go to the United States, where he was to receive patents for their inventions. One of the popular versions says that the kidnapping Le Prince staged another famous inventor Thomas Edison, in order to keep the reputation of “father of cinema”, but no conclusive evidence of this.

4. Michael Negret

10 weird stories about people who “vanished into thin air”, and they never found December 10, 1999, the year at four in the morning 18-year-old freshman at the University of California in Los Angeles Michael Negret turned off the computer, on which he all night long played with friends in video games. At nine o’clock in the morning his roommate noticed that Michael was gone, leaving the keys and wallet — since then its never seen again

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

Most interesting is that the student apparently went barefoot — his shoes were in place. Police with dogs combed all the surrounding area, but no trace of BOS freshman not found. A survey of local residents showed that at 4:35 a.m. near the scene of the incident was spotted by an unidentified passer-by, but whether it was Michael or people somehow linked to his disappearance is still unknown.

5. Barbara Bolik

55-year-old resident of the town of Corvallis in Montana, USA, 18 July 2007, the year went Hiking on the rocky ridge Bitterroot with his friend, Jim Ramaker, who came to Barbara from California to visit and to admire the local nature.

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

When the tourists were not far from bear Creek (per. s angl. “Bear Creek”), Jim stopped, considering the wonderful scenic views. According to him, he lost Barbara never more than a minute, while it was approximately 6-9 meters from where he was admiring the scenery. When he looked back, he found that an elderly friend as he vanished. The subsequent extensive search activities have not helped to find any trace of Barbara.

Of course, the first thing the police, the leading case on disappearance, carefully checked all readings of Jim Ramaker, suspecting that he may be involved in her disappearance, however, the slightest evidence of kidnapping or murder had been found. Besides, if Jim was in any way guilty, it would try to come up with a more convincing version of the investigation, than the inexplicable disappearance of the blue.

6. Michael Chiron

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

August 23, 2008 Michael Giron went to his farm in happy valley, Tennessee, to practice mowing the lawn. That morning, friends noticed how Michael on his ATV left the farm — then 51-year-old pensioner was last seen.

The next day the neighbors found on his site belonging to the Michael trailer truck, which was adorned with a lawn mower, while the grass on the lawn was untouched. When the day all the equipment Michael was found on the same spot abandoned on the roadside, friends sounded the alarm. In the cabin of the truck were found keys, wallet and mobile phone, but the man was gone.

Three days later, the police found a mile from the farm Quad bike, which, according to friends of the missing belonged to this man, but this finding failed to shed light on the strange occurrence. The American was no secret ill-wishers who may have had a hand in his disappearance, as there was no reason to go on the run, so the loss of the farmer to this day remains a mystery.

7. April Of Fabb

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

One of the most mysterious disappearances in British history happened April 8, 1969, the year in Norfolk. 13-year-old schoolgirl April of Fabb from a small town called Mattoon went to visit my sister in the neighboring village Rauton. The girl went on the bike, and the last person who saw her, became a truck driver, at 14:06 noticed on the back road a girl, the description corresponding to April.

At 14:12 her bike was discovered in the middle of a field a few hundred meters from the place where April saw the driver, with no traces of the girls nearby have not found.

The investigation considered kidnapping, but it seemed incredible that an unknown offender in just six minutes was able to invisibly abduct April, leaving at the same time there was no clue to the investigation.

Case with the disappearance of April Fabb recalls the mysterious disappearance of a young girl by the name of Janet Tate (Genette Tate), which happened in 1978 year. Then the main suspect considered a serial killer and rapist Robert black (Robert Black), but there is no evidence that black was involved in the disappearance of April, so that in this respect we can only guess.

8. Brian Shaffer

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

27-latitudes medical University of Ohio named Brian Shaffer on the evening of 1 April 2006, the year went having a couple of drinks in a bar called Ugly Tuna Saloona” (in translation from English. “The Ugly Tuna Saloon”).

Between half past one and two o’clock in the morning brown inexplicably disappeared: according to eyewitnesses, the student was drunk and was on the phone with his girlfriend, and then noticed him in the company of two other young women. After that none of the visitors of the bar did not see him.

The most curious thing that many noticed as Shaffer entered the bar, but nobody remembers how he left the care of a young man not even recorded video surveillance cameras, although they are clearly seen as the student comes into the pub.

Although three weeks prior to that, Brian told his mother that he plans to go on vacation with his girlfriend, friends and relatives are convinced that he could not go on a trip so suddenly. One version says that Shaffer could be stolen, but the intruder managed to pull him out of the house, bypassing cameras and numerous witnesses, — this question puts investigators at a dead end.

9. Jason Jolkowski

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

Early on the morning of 13 June 2001, 19-year-old Jason Jolkowski went to work, it was in the small town of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He agreed with his friend that he’ll pick it up in a nearby school, but Jason there did not appear, and the last time he saw the neighbour for half an hour before the scheduled time of the meeting: Jason, as claimed a valuable witness, brought the trash cans in your garage.

From the records taken by investigators from the school surveillance cameras, it was clear that Jason really was not there, in this case friends and relatives can not name any reasons that could force a young man to escape.

In 2003, the year of the young man’s parents Jim and Kelly Jolkowski (Jim and Kelly Jolkowski) in memory of his son founded Project Jason, a nonprofit organization, which is engaged in the search for missing persons, but the fate of Jason still remains a mystery.

10. Nicole Morin

Исчезновение этих людей до сих пор вызывает множество вопросов. Фото

Eight year old Nicole Morin July 30, 1985, the year has gone from the penthouse in Toronto, city, Ontario, Canada, where the girl lived with her mother.

That morning Nicole and a friend were going to swim in the pool, located in one of the parts of the huge building, and at half past ten, the girl said goodbye to mother and left the apartment, and after 15 min someone knocked on the door her friend to know when Nicole finally meet.

After this incident, held one of the largest police investigations in Toronto’s history, but any thread that can bring to the next girl, could not be found.

Most likely was considered a version of the abduction, but no evidence of this in the entire 20 storey building of the residential complex, investigators have not found, so the mystery of the disappearance of Nicole Morin nearly three decades does not give rest to the local residents.

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