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In the amber of the age of 99 million years found ant-unicorn

В янтаре возрастом 99 млн лет найден муравей-единорогScientists discovered in the amber of the Cretaceous ant with an unusual structure of the head.

Scientists found in amber from Myanmar ant-unicorn, whose age is more than 99 million years old.

On opening it became known from a foreign scientific journal Current Biology.

In amber from Myanmar researchers have found an ant, which up to a hundred million years. The insect had a horn, which is located in the middle of the head. The lower part of the horns are covered with small hairs, and this suggests that the insect is a predator. Such hairs have a powerful jaw ant Odontomachus. It is known that when you touch them jaw automatically slammed shut like a trap.

Now is not to figure out what role the horns of animals of this type. Jaw size suggests that he could only eat large prey. Scientists say that a predator with a horn suggests that in early evolutionary history, some ants could achieve a high degree of specialization.

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