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“Hubble” showed an unusual dwarf galaxy

"Хаббл" показал необычную карликовую галактикуSpecific dwarf galaxy has huge reserves of gas.

Space telescope “Hubble” captures the unusual dwarf galaxy LEDA 677373, located about 14 million light-years from Earth.

Dwarf galaxies are small and rather dim systems of stars and interstellar gas and dust. The diversity of properties of these galaxies makes them interesting objects to study. However, due to the fact that in size they are small, astronomers still have the opportunity to study only those that are most close to us, within the Local group of galaxies. One of these objects is LEDA 677373.

This particular dwarf galaxy has huge reserves of gas, which could be the star. However, it persistently “refuses” to rise to the stars.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, Hubble has obtained images of individual stars of the dwarf galaxy at different wavelengths, this method allows astronomers to determine the age of stars. Observations have shown that LEDA 677373 there are no less than for 6 billion years – enough time for the formation of stars. So why the galaxy didn’t?

Of course, it’s not “stubbornness” LEDA 677373, and, apparently, that she became an unwitting victim of the giant spiral galaxy Messier 83, which, it seems, steals from her roommate’s gas, halting star formation.

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