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Astronomers found the galaxy in “a lethargic sleep”

Астрономы нашли галактику в "летаргическом сне"Astronomers have found a galaxy that is “asleep”.

American scientists are faced with a riddle to solve which it is not yet possible.

While the open recently with the help of the famous telescope “Hubble” galaxy initially perceived as an ideal object for studying processes of star formation. UGC 4879 is located “in the suburbs”, that is not interacted with another galaxy. Her closest neighbor galaxy Leo A – is located at a distance of 2.3 million light years.

About the same from the milky Way to the Andromeda nebula. But the isolation of the galaxy-recluse, as you can see, did not ensure that the answers scientists ‘ questions.

On the contrary, the state of “lethargy”, which is UGC 4879 fell for nine billion years old, we put in a stupor of experts.

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