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Hubble took a photo of an unusual dwarf galaxy

"Хаббл" сделал фото необычной карликовой галактикиGalaxy is within the constellation URSA major.

Space telescope “Hubble” photographed the dwarf galaxies UGC 4879, the notable feature of which is her solitary life — a star cluster removed from other similar objects by as much as 2.3 million light-years.

UGC 4879 was first recorded by Russian astronomers from the Special astrophysical Observatory in Nizhniy Arkhyz. A group of scientists, headed by Alexander Kopylov, discovered an unusual galaxy in 2015, by scanning the skies with a 6-meter telescope BTA.

The nearest neighbor of the star clusters of the dwarf UGC 4879 — A galaxy located in the constellation of Leo, far from it at 2.3 million light years. This fact makes the galaxy hermit truly unique, because its evolution has been minimal external influence.

Observations of UGC 4879, produced by Hubble and other telescopes, have revealed at least one interesting feature of star clusters. It turned out that the first 4 billion years of life in the galaxy, she had a high rate of star formation, and then seemingly fell into a lethargic sleep, ceasing to form new stars. However, about a billion years ago, active star formation has resumed. Why it happened — scientists have yet to figure out.

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