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Unique mosaic found in Cyprus

Уникальную мозаику нашли на КипреIn Cyprus have unearthed unique mosaic with drawings of the Roman race.

In Cyprus, archaeologists have unearthed a ten-meter mosaic of unique detail images of racing in the ancient Roman Hippodrome.

The monument of the IV century was discovered in the village of Akaki at Nicosia. The fresco demonstrates the four chariots, each drawn quads horses.

Around riders and horses are inscriptions with their names. According to archaeologists, the mosaic represents the four main “parties” that competed at the capital’s Hippodrome with each other. Also on the mosaic depicts the preparation for the races: man on a horse surrounded by two foot (one holding a whip, the other a pitcher of water).

Archaeologists continue the excavation of the mosaic floor. They believe that it relates to an estate belonging to a wealthy Cypriot, Roman citizen. The uniqueness of the findings in the fact that most of the ancient artifacts of the ancient era find off the coast.

In chariot races, the Romans used a system the starting gate. The Roman Hippodrome was in the middle of the barrier (spina) separating the paths. The starting positions were on the same side. When the cars lined up at the gate, the Emperor threw a handkerchief (mappa), start giving in. During the race, the chariots were overtaken and “clipped” rivals, trying to force them to crash into the dividing barrier. At the ends of the barrier stood a turning post (meta), there was the clash and crash of chariots.

Уникальную мозаику нашли на Кипре

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