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Ufologists found the alien on Mars

Уфологи нашли дом инопланетян на МарсеUfologists managed to find a strange structure at the photos.

Ufologists from the US have discovered the abode of aliens on Mars. According to experts, six-inch structure located in one of the craters was spotted by the Curiosity Rover.

Ufologists managed to find a strange structure at the photos taken by the device in 2004. The picture shows a small box, made out of solid rock, on the front where the door. It attracted the attention of specialists. According to ufologists, in this house might dwell a whole family of alien creatures that died out during the destruction of the Martian atmosphere.

Known Luxor2012UFO channel on Youtube, which is engaged in search of various information about UFOs and aliens, also presented an overview on this photo. According to experts, the hole in the stone might not be just a door and a passage to the underground city, which to this day is hidden from scientists in the bowels of the planet.

Уфологи нашли дом инопланетян на Марсе

The Spirit a few years ago, could also make such shots, however, scientists immediately denied all speculation of ufologists about the aliens. According to experts, strange stones with holes are a special breed, which is formed during the reaction gases. That is why its particles have characteristic notches.

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