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Traces of an underground civilization found in Cambodia

Следы подземной цивилизации найдены в КамбоджеParanormal investigator made an interesting statement.

Connected all the continents by a network of tunnels? What is hidden from us under the land and water.

What underground facilities the researchers found in South America? Can tunnels stretching underground for miles, to have an artificial origin?

What scientists found in thicker continental plates? As evidenced by the 18-metre underground facility in India? Why today we can’t explore and to somehow use found the underground facilities?

Where are the roots of the Khmer Empire? Is there an underground network of structures connecting different continents?

How to raise 30-50 metres of sediment formed in the time of global cataclysms? What research says divers? Why we examine only the remaining surface buildings and a 15-metre cultural layer? Sacred can the information be protected by the older civilization?

Paranormal investigator Mr Deck says, when we reach the desired level of development and will be able to know what is hidden under the ground and water?

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