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To sleep for 6 hours for the body is as harmful as no sleep at all

Спать по 6 часов для организма так же вредно, как и не спать вообще

Experts confirmed the relationship between sleep and activity of the grey cells and named optimal sleep time.

Specialists from the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania found that six hours of sleep affects the human brain is as bad as insomnia. The study was conducted through a series of activities at the National sleep Foundation and published in the journal Sleep.

In a two-week experiment involved 48 people aged 21 to 48 years. The subjects were divided into four groups: the first slept four hours a day, the second six, the third eight hours, and the fourth at all for two days refused to stay.

After waking every two hours of wakefulness, the volunteers performed the test tasks that determine their cognitive abilities. The difference in result was already visible after 10 days of adherence.

At the end of all answered questions from those who slept eight hours. Subjects who slept for four hours, showed an average level. The worst answered those who slept for six hours. After 10 days the efficiency of their work was equal to the results of those who did not sleep for two days. While people who slept six hours, continued to think that they work and perform tasks with the same effectiveness as in the beginning of the experiment.

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