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The scientists said that the damage to health cause street lights

Учёные рассказали, какой вред здоровью наносят уличные фонари

The American medical Association (AMA) released a report in which scientists analyze the consequences of using led street lights for people’s health. It turned out that the light emitted by such lamps, and led lamps, can have a negative impact on vision.

Threat is light green and blue color spectrum emitted by led lights, according to the report posted on the organization’s website. This blue light emission is often a human eye is perceived as white. The lighting, intense blue spectrum, can decrease the visual acuity of drivers passing in the night. This not only threatens their health but also can create a dangerous situation on the road.

In addition, these lights inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin, which regulates circadian rhythms. This, in turn, can increase the fatigue of the person and harm his health. A similar threat exists in the apartments, illuminated led light sources.

“In addition to their impact on drivers, rich blue spectrum led lights work with that wavelength that is most strongly suppresses melatonin at night. It is believed that white LEDs have five times greater impact on circadian rhythms of sleep, than conventional street lights. Recent studies have shown that bright night lighting of premises cause a reduction in sleep time, dissatisfaction with its quality, excessive sleepiness, impaired functioning of the body in the daytime and obesity,” the scientists write.

As a precaution to combat the negative impact of led lighting is recommended to reduce the brightness of lamps and lanterns, and use those them types that do not emit light in the blue spectrum.

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