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The new formulation of Avogadro’s law

Новая формулировка закона АвогадроAtomistic ideas about matter not stand up to scrutiny, and it’s time to find a different explanation for observed chemical phenomena.

It is necessary to define a chemical element not through the number (of protons) and mass, and through the correlation of its internal properties.

As you know, the atoms of one chemical element can greatly differ in their masses (isotopes), but when you change the charge of the nucleus, the atom becomes a different chemical element.

We see that the identity of substances to a cell of the periodic table (ordinal) dependent on its internal proportions between certain positive and negative properties (the nature of which remains to be seen in detail). And this ratio has an integer value.

It is also known that the atom can lose the charge without changing its mass. Such transformations are called Isobaric and accompanied by radioactive radiation (decay). Although the word collapse sounds doubtful here.

Proceeding from all this, it is possible to make a pretty bold assumption that the atom is not a matter of the material body with a certain mass and charge, and something point and disembodied, self-conscious. What religions call the soul. We can draw an analogy with a person who is a primarily a personality, not weight, height or even gender (all can change).

The set of atoms with the same internal ratio (ordinal) form a chemically pure substance. Also, how many people, for example, form the human species. The atoms of one element differ in mass, form isotopes. It’s something like ethnic groups of people.

From studies of radiation we know that they (emissions) are different: can involve a change in charge only or mass only, or changing both charge and mass. I am sure that it is the study of radiation is able to shed light on the question about the physical nature of the positive and negative phenomena in nature.

New ideas about the atom requires a new formulation of Avogadro’s law. Let me remind you that this law was formulated as an attempt to explain quantitative laws in chemical reactions. Required adequately to explain why, for example, to get water you need to take 1 g hydrogen and 8 g oxygen, and if we take 2 g of hydrogen, 1 g will be extra.

The result was formulated the law: “equal volumes of different gases collected under identical temperatures and pressures contain the same number of molecules”.

It is clear that this molecular approach does not meet our new ideas about the atom, and, therefore, Avogadro’s law should be formulated from the point of view of proportions of the basic properties of matter.

I offer the following proof-of-concept that demonstrates in which direction to think:

Any atom is the analogue of the universe, the universe in miniature, possessing some unique proportion, a unique reflection of existence. But since the universe is one, all the set of atoms has a limit of diversity, we have many items with similar characteristics and properties. As the atom from our point of view it represents something whole and indivisible in nature can exist stably only substances with integer proportions. This explains the quantum phenomenon and chemical principles.


As to the nature of positive and negative phenomena, we can assume that this is an informational feature, meaning the ratio of material and energy component of this object. For example, the phenomenon of radiation one can see that extreme case of positive phenomena is the radiation without change of mass, i.e. pure information (energy) radiation. Apparently, the extreme case of a negative phenomenon is the increase of the weight without absorption of energy (synthesis).


The words positive and negative in this case does not denote the positive and negative sense, but simply show the two principles in nature, complementing each other and constituting a unity.


Between these extreme cases there are many different variants of exchange of substance and energy in different proportions.

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