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The key to immortality is kept naked diggers

Ключ к бессмертию хранится у голых землекопов

The study of naked mole rats – a vivid example of research that appear to be completely useless and not worth the funds. What arguments can justify the expense of millions of dollars on blind rodents, little is known on the Earth? For most people, including residents of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, where this species inhabits mammals, it remains a big mystery.

Scientists found that naked mole rat is the only vertebrate that possesses an incredibly huge pain threshold. These rodents do not feel these types of pain, such as thermal or chemical burns. This amazing feature is the lack in the cells of their skin “substance P”. It is responsible for transmission of pain signals in the Central nervous system.

These mammals also have another characteristic: they live in a colony of 80-100 individuals like a single organism with a collective mind. Led by the Queen, this group is divided into castes – some rodents tunnels, other forage, and others – protect the population from snakes. This “living arrangement” is widespread in insects – ants, bees and termites.

And finally, the most unexpected property of naked navvies lies in their longevity. Initially it was thought that they also are immune to cancer, but in February of 2016, scientists from the United States reported two cases of cancer in mammals.

These rodents weighing 30-80 grams can survive about ten generations of normal mice, which is comparable to a human age of 500 years! Over time in the body of a digger there is no age-related changes.

Scientists have found the secret of long life in the African rodent, found in his body unusual type of hyaluronic acid. This substance is not an elixir of youth, but it can slow down aging.

In the body of an average person weighing 70-80 kilograms contains approximately 15 grams of hyaluronan, 30% of which is updated every day. With age, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid decreases, which leads to loss of skin elasticity, formation of wrinkles and joint pain.

Hyaluronic acid is a key drug in modern cosmetology: the injection of this substance uses a mass famous people who want to prolong their adolescence.

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