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The food itself will tell you how not to gain weight

Еда сама подскажет, как не набрать вес

The problem of excess weight has long gone to the fore in many Western countries. People suffering from obesity are also at increased risk to get diabetes or cardiovascular disease. And nutrition experts are constantly coming up with new methods weight loss programs to maintain yourself in good physical shape.

According to the Agency Europa Press, the new original idea to the Executive Director of the British Royal society of health of Shirley Kramer. In her opinion, on packages of products it is necessary to specify not only how many calories they contain, but how to spend it.

She noticed that many people (especially women) often refuse something delicious, as I don’t know how to burn the gain calories. And if on a box with a doughnut it was written that all the received energy the body will spend half an hour Cycling, and cans of soda for 30 minutes of running? Such information, in its opinion, it is necessary to provide all the products.

Kramer believes that it is very important for the UK, where two thirds of the population overweight. Of course, once everyone is healthy will not be, but the goal. The main thing is to get people to realize how much energy they consume, and to bring their thoughts to lead a more active lifestyle.

A public opinion survey showed that at present, many (44 per cent of respondents) do not pay attention to the labels of the products I see in them. But if there was information, much effort have to make to spend the calories, they would change their behavior, preferring healthy food, eating less and devoted more time to physical exercises.

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