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Doctors called the basic rules of normal metabolism

Медики назвали основные правила нормального обмена веществEverything important to know about metabolism.

Fast metabolism – the key to good health, balanced weight and good health. We will show you some important information about the metabolism, which will help you to lead yourself and your body to normal.

1. The metabolic improvement is not just exercise and healthy food

In addition, our metabolism is influenced by many different and important factors such as adequate sleep, hormonal parameters, thyroid function and more. Remember that physical activity and avoiding harmful products did not create a miracle. If you are unhealthy, not getting enough sleep, experiencing constant stress or suffer from chronic fatigue, it is unlikely that your body will show good results.

2. There are no people with the same metabolism

It just so happened that every person is unique not only in words – we all have your metabolism, because you compare yourself with someone just does not make sense. There are no universal recipes – in order to identify the individual characteristics of its metabolism, you must monitor your body, and also be sure to inquire about their genetic predisposition.

3. Calorie counting is not accurate

The errors of all these formulas and calculators is about 10%. Agree that it’s a lot affects your score-keeping forms. Such calculations can be useful for people with “predictable” metabolism whose body works like a clock. But, alas, such people are very few.

Therefore forget about the calculations and do not try to fit them to the workings of your body – in fact you will spend and get a completely different amount of calories, and in addition, will spend a lot of time and nerves.

4. Sleep and metabolism are inextricably linked

Scientists have proved that people suffering from chronic fatigue and lack of sleep often gain weight up to the very real obesity. The reason for this is that not getting energy from healthy sleep the body requires more food, and it is not easy – and most caloric. And because the body is working at half capacity, and to digest this food is bad, and therefore settles in the form of layers of fat. Be sure to sleep 8 hours a day – you’ll see, followed by improvement of state of health will improve and the body.

5. Stress – the root of the problem

Many people do not realize that stress becomes a cause not only excess weight, but also health problems. In particular, it adversely affects metabolism. The thing is that because of the constant feelings secretes the hormone cortisol which breaks the usual work of our metabolism. Think about how much time daily do you spend in the unrest? If you are constantly nervous, then obviously that is what prevents you to get in shape.

6. There is basal metabolic rate

This concept is often reduced to abbreviations BSM, and it means that our body burns calories even when the body does nothing, he spends it on providing our life. Try to expend energy not only on these processes, make sure that your body receives and spend the calories on something else other than basic tasks.

7. Metabolism slows down with age

The metabolic rate decreases every decade. Why this happens is unknown, but this has to be considered, so keep in mind that the older you get, the more effort you have to exert to keep myself in shape. Because what helped you to 20, may not yield results in 40 years.

8. Muscles need more calories

Along with muscle mass increases and the volume of calories required by the body. It is noteworthy that this amount is greater than what you need of adipose tissue. These explains the difference in metabolic rate in men and women because men generally have more muscle mass, they will consume and burn more calories per day, even if they weight the same as women.

9. Protein builds up muscles, and a reduction of carbohydrates burns fat

It’s important to know anyone who wants to not only lose weight but also make your body trim and muscled. Muscles require protein feed and reducing the amount of carbohydrates in a diet aimed at burning fat. This is due to the fact that when we eat carbohydrates, the body begins to draw energy from them, not from the adipose tissue. Because coordinate your diet so that the emphasis was on protein foods.

10. Metabolism improve interval training and weight training

For the body these exercises serve as a kind of call to action, make it clear that you need to build muscle mass. And the bigger it is, the better the metabolism. If your goal is to speed up the metabolism, the fastest way to achieve this is daily to do exercises that require large expenditures of energy.

11. Coffee before exercise helps burn fat

Caffeine releases fat cells and the body begins to use them as an energy source, which leads to weight reduction and a more intensive training and hence better results.

12. Protein derived within 30 minutes after exercise, promotes muscle growth

During a workout muscle mass is destroyed and to restore the necessary “building” material, which is protein food. Note, however, that make the protein not later than 30 minutes after exercise.

13. Walk healthier diet

Surely, this is not news, so next time, instead of spending time searching for a new diet, go for a walk or jog – this will help to organize the work of the body, burn calories and feel great about it. It is especially useful to walk or jog in the evening before bed.

14. In order to understand your metabolism, you need to follow the diet and weight

Track what you eat, how much we move and weigh, and also the reaction of the organism to it. This way you will be able to formulate and make adjustments to your lifestyle and to achieve the desired result.

15. Doctor’s consultation is a good step in the direction of a healthy and beautiful body

If you think that all your actions are correct, but you can’t bring the body in shape, do consult your doctor. A specialist will help you figure out what the problem is, and give helpful tips that will help to cope with difficulties.

And finally, I would like to reiterate that everyone has their own metabolism and its own norms regarding his work. Because it is not necessary to exhaust your body more than a whim, to someone to match. Be yourself and be healthy!

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