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The Earth was some magnetic poles

У Земли было несколько магнитных полюсовA billion years ago the Earth was some magnetic poles.

Currently everyone knows that our planet has North and South poles, but a billion years ago the Earth has had several magnetic poles.

About it, say scientists at the Carnegie institution, a scientific article placed in the publication Geophysical Research Letters.

In the early days Lands were East and West poles, even the North pole was divided into several structures. Peter Driscoll, Department of terrestrial magnetism at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, performed a comparative illustration: the image shows the difference between the current Earth’s magnetic field and the fact that it once was.

Multiple weak poles over time was transformed in two strengths that are now available. Approximately 650 million years ago the planet’s core became solid, and formed as a result of this process of the bipolar system has limited the effects of radiation on living creatures.

Now scientists are creating a model that will represent the state of the magnetic field for four and a half billion years ago. Information about this period provides an analysis of a rock mass, which depicted a peculiar “signature” of the magnetic polarity of certain eras. New research experts will help them to gather more material for the formation of a coherent picture of the magnetic evolution of the Earth.

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