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The Creator of The Division went to competitors

Создатель The Division ушел к конкурентамRyan Barnard made the decision to leave Ubisoft.

One of the founders of The Division – game designer Ryan Barnard decided to leave the Studio Ubisoft and joined Square Enix. Previous employer specialist left in February 2016, before the release of the apocalyptic action.

Since March, Barnard is working in Denmark for the benefit of IO Interactive, maker Hitman series. The new place he occupies the position of Director of the gameplay.

That Ryan Barnard left Ubisoft became known through his account in LinkedIn. Later this information was confirmed by representatives of IO Interactive: “We continue to work on the development of Hitman, and therefore we always need talented employees. Today we are pleased to introduce Ryan Barnard, who recently finished work on The Division. He will work as the Director of the gameplay in our Studio.”

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