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Sony has to pay gamers

Sony будет платить геймерамSony will pay millions to gamers.

Sony agreed to pay compensation to gamers for the settlement of a class action because of the lack of support for Linux operating system in its PlayStation 3.

The suit was brought to court after Sony made the decision in 2010 to exclude the option “Other OS” (other OS) present in all models of game consoles prior to the PS3 Slim. This option is enabled the owner of the PS3 to install games on the Linux console. Linux support was lost after the 2010 software update.

In accordance with the terms of the proposed settlement agreement, filed on Friday in Federal court in Northern California, Sony agreed to pay $55 approximately 10 million PS3 owners who can prove that they used Linux on their console. It is also expected to pay $9 to those who purchased a gaming console in the hope that he would use the company option to “Other OS”. As reported, compensation will be given to all owners of the game console PS3 Fat, bought it in the USA in the period from 1 November 2006 to 1 April 2010 in addition, provides counsel, who filed a lawsuit in the amount of $2.25 million

It should be noted that the settlement agreement requires court approval. The hearing in Federal court in Northern California, which will consider proposals Sony, scheduled for July of this year.

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