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Sex in the heat: 5 ideas for comfort and provides protectiv

Интим в жару: 5 идей для комфорта и наслаждениSex improves health, improves mood, and deepens the connection with your partner.

When the temperature of the window reaches the maximum, to have sex is not very desirable. Rather, the desire is there, but the implementations of it – the problem is… what if you really want, but hot? Take advantage of our ideas.

It may well be that your man is in hot weather, slightly passive, and your clear reference answers something unintelligible, but with a hint that, say, leave me alone, not to sex me. Sexologists say that this is not surprising: even the sultry macho man who at 24 was doing in bed wonders at +32 may fail. The fact that in hot weather the testosterone level in men decreases, respectively decreasing and activity, and desire. God forbid you to offer him at the moment, some miracle pill like viagra: the means to increase potency and increase blood pressure, there is a great risk of hypertensive crisis and even a heart attack!

But with women it is not so: the heat does not affect our libido. If your man is not averse to have sex, here are some tips that will help survive the heat during intimate games!

It’s all in the tempo

Refrain from fast and passionate sex, give preference to the slow caresses, and with long breaks. This will help you not to ‘heat up’ obscenely and save the body. In between relax on the bed, and even better – cool each other. You can take a piece of ice and slowly carried out, for example, at the partner’s lips or his wrists.

Choose poses

Avoid postures, which require too close contact of the bodies (you mgnovenno sweat and begin to “pull” each other). Good choice – the pose of “dog-style” or pose “a man behind, woman leaning”. It is not necessary to fold in half, and then you’ll instantly be misted folds on the abdomen. Lean your hands on a chair or bed in the pose of the letter “g”. Also a good pose “criss-cross” or “horsewoman”, with the expectation that you get less lean on partner.

Remember about oral sex

Oral sex takes less energy, so – not so tiring in the summer heat. Probably, this is the tool that will satisfy both of you.

Cooling measures

A cool shower is the best way to cool a little. Can plunge under cold water not only to sex, but in the process, for example, move it to the shower.
Don’t forget about conditioning, but remember that the cooling temperature should not be below +22, otherwise you will not cool off so much, how many you’ll catch a cold.
It’s also a good tool for cooling the cool surface. Transfer your games on a tiled or stone floor, or at least soak in cold water a sheet and lie on it.

Sex outdoors

Anyway, and sex outdoors in the summer is beautiful. Also romantic stars and bright month, you get natural airflow and ventilation. Of course, we must remember that to observe your sexual games is not only for children but also for adults: choose a secluded place!

What not to do:

Apply liberally to body creams, lotions.
To use perfume.
The abuse of alcohol, it is better to do even without beer.

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