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Scientists: want to lose weight quickly? Eat in the dark!

Ученые: хотите быстрее похудеть? Кушайте в темноте!

Eating in the dark or blindfolded reduces the amount of food consumption by 9%, according to a report on the research of scientists from Germany, published in the medical edition of Food Quality and Preference. A simple but effective way to lose weight without much effort – to feel the threshold of fullness, the scientists advise you to eat in the dark!

Researchers from the University of Konstanz, Germany (TOP-200 best universities in the world), conducted an experiment with two groups of volunteers. The first group of 90 people had to eat ice cream blindfolded, the other acted as the control group and people from her ate as usual in the light. The meal was given 15 minutes.

Darkness reduces appetite

The results of the study showed that the participants who were eating with a blindfold, reduced food intake by 9% in the control group, the figure was 116 grams per person, and those who ate in the dark, was content to 105 grams.

To understand the mechanism more rapid saturation in the dark, the scientists asked participants about their experiences. The people who ate in the dark, is simply overestimated the amount of food that they have swallowed, on average, they feel it was supposed to be 197 grams. As the authors of the study, study participants who ate blindfolded, overestimated the amount of food intake by 88%.

“Devoid of light people focused on the responsiveness of ENGO body to eat and stops just when it really is saturated, without the “curved” images during rendering process,” says Dr. Britta Renner, the study’s lead author.

Scientists say that each of us can verify how the eating in the dark and discover a unique experience that allows you to lose weight quickly and without harm to health.

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