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Full and dead. “Equality and fraternity” in the USSR

Сытые и мертвые. "Равенство и братство" в СССР

Full and dead. “Equality and fraternity” in the USSR. What if the officials and people during the Great Famine DOCUMENTS.

What if the officials and people during the Great Famine DOCUMENTS.

Here is one example of the special rations. He was received in the summer of 1932 lived at government House on Bolotnaya square in Moscow. Monthly rations consisted of 4 kg of meat and 4 kg of sausage; 1.5 kg of butter and 2 liters of vegetable oil; 6 kg of fresh fish and 2 kg of herring, 3 kg of sugar and flour (not counting the baked bread, which was supposed to be 800 grams per day); 3 kg of different cereals; 8 cans; 20 eggs; 2 kg of cheese; 1 kg of chum salmon caviar; 50 grams of tea; 1200 pieces of cigarettes, 2 bars of soap; 1 liter of milk a day (rgae. F. 8043. Op. 1. D. 71. L. 107-108; Op. 11. D. 32. L. 30; GARF. F. 5446. Op. 16A. D. 343. L. 4-5). The range was also confectionery, fruits and vegetables. Shortages of products in spetsraspredeliteli, as a rule, was not.

In 1932 right on salon cars had secretaries and members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b), the chairmen of the USSR Central Executive Committee, SNK of the USSR and RSFSR, the OGPU of the USSR, the people’s Commissars of the USSR, commanders of districts.

In 1933, in the midst of an unprecedented 200 years of our history a mass of absolute hunger on the African manner, according to an official document, “the monthly food consumption of service cars of the Central Committee” were: 200 kg butter, 250 kg of Swiss cheese, 500 kg of sausage, 500 kg of venison, 550 kg of different meat, 300 kg of fish (also, 350 kg of canned fish and 100 kg of herring), 100 kg of chum salmon caviar, 300 kg of sugar, 160 kg of chocolate and sweets, 100 boxes of fruit and 60 thousand pieces of the export of cigarettes (rgae. F. 8043. Op. 11. D. 85. L. 152-154).




Сытые и мертвые. "Равенство и братство" в СССР

CA FSB. F. 2. Op. 11. D. 42. L. 101. A certified copy

The report of the secret political Department

Plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU tscho 17 Jun 1933

The regional Committee of the CPSU(b) — ie.

Some farms array veydelevsky MTS [Veydelevsky district tscho was on the territory of modern Belgorod region.] experienced sharp prodzatrudneniya. There are cases of death of farmers at work in the field. On the farm “harvest Day” during weeding coriander on furrow died of starvation 3 farmers-benacci. On the basis of hunger, there is evidence of cannibalism.

So kolkhoz-trash bliznyukova E. G. kolkhoz “1 May”, along with his brother ate his dead younger brother at the age of 4 years.

A similar fact of cannibalism took place in the White-Kolodezyanskoe the village Council.

9th of Jun, S. G., Stepanova E. F. trash 34 years stabbed his son, 9-year-old food.

Arrested in the case bliznyukova, Stepanova confessed to cannibalism. Detailed material additionally.

The Plenipotentiary of the OGPU of Central black earth region Bachinsky.

(CDNUA. F. 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 212).



The report of the secret political Department

Plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU tscho June 20, 1933 G.

10/VI — 33 years in the village Gusevka Graivoronsky district [now Belgorod oblast.]. the poor farmer Nikulin, Petr Ivanovich, 29 years old, along with his wife Nikulina Praskovia, for the purpose of eating killed his daughter Matryona at the age of 1 years and 6 months.

When you search Nikulin found in cast iron stove, which was a human jaw, the doctor being the copyright of a 5-7 year old child.

Preliminary data revealed that Nikulin regularly touted to your house the poor who are killed and eaten.

The investigation leads rayapparat OGPU.

Zam. OGPU in tscho Bachinsky.

(CDNUA. F. 2.Op.1. D. 2459. L. 20).

“From the report No. 9 of the political Vodorazdelnaya MTS CCM in the political Department of the USSR NKZ 20 APR 1933:


There are a number of cases are buried without registration and buried for 4 — 6 people In Kanceska the village Council in March month. died 97 people, with 1 on 7 APR 47. In Kazinskiy the village Council in March month. died 130 [people]. From the facts of the famine:

1. In Sochi, on 16 April, the child died two years. April 17, his mother chopped, and cooked with the other three kids ate it. On the question of the Chairman of the village Council and the Secretary of the cell said, “what is nothing”. Edinolichnitsa Shaev Evdokia.

2. In Ciencies disappeared 6 years old boy — a few days later discovered the skeleton, the rest is all eaten. The opinions of villagers, his mother killed and ate.

3. Budanov farm — when viewed from one uninhabited house discovered the dead woman was lying half-dead girl eight — year-old daughter died. When wooing the girl told that the mother and the man ate an infant and a boy of five years, wanted to eat and her dead mother.

4. Podgornenskom SEL edinolichnitsa Kravtsov threw two young children in the water hole where they died due to the fact that “there is nothing”.

The investigation is ongoing.

The political Department had taken measures to check the actual satisfaction of needing the difficulty is that the cover 32 of the collective farm in a radius of from 8 to 30 km is very difficult, very difficult roads.

A number of commissioners of the district in the collective notes the failure of the loan in order of prodromoi.

Head of the political Department I. I. Dmitriev

RGASPI. F. 112. Op. 25. D. 22. L. 50-51. Original.


From a Memorandum OGPU in NVK prodzatrudneniyah in the village of may 4, 1933:

“A clear indicator of strained projectridley is increased mortality from hunger: on may 20 were registered 221 cases of mortality, from March 20 to may 5, about 1 thousand occasions.

Krasnoyarsk district. In April, on the basis of malnutrition died 308 persons by the Farmers daily roam the steppes in search of surrogates…there have been several cases of exhaustion in a field (in Teterevka the farm down the road from the fields died of exhaustion 3 people). Sometimes the dead are not buried for 3-5 days…

Voskresensky district. In p. bukatovka and the other three for 13 days of April, 56 people died. 5 family farmers died entirely. The bodies umershihlezhat in apartments for 5-7 days not buried. A similar provision in some other areas.<…> (TSA FSB RF. F. 2. Op. I. D. 42. L. 149-150).


Information of the Secret political Department of the OGPU, about the hunger

in areas of the North Caucasus region

March 7, 1933

Top secret.

Tov. Menzhinsky, Yagoda, Prokofiev, Agranov

In some localities a number of areas of CCM noted worsening projecturi.

The facts of projectridley in the districts of Kurgan, Armavir, Novo-Aleksandrovsk, Labinsk, Nevinnomyssk, Mozdok, Essentuki, Krymsk, Anapa, Yeisk, Old Minsk, Kushchevskaya, Tikhoretsk, Medvezhenskogo, Novo-Pokrovskoye, Kanevsky,, Krasnodar, Pavlovsk, Korenovskiy, Maikop, Veshenskaya, Kalmyk, Constantine and Timashevska.

According to incomplete data in these areas is taken into account:

Swollen from hunger 1742 people.

Sick from hunger 898 “

Deaths from starvation 740

Cases of cannibalism and corpse-eating 10″

In the starving settlements of cases the consumption of various surrogates: flesh of dead animals (including Sapna horses) killed by cats, dogs, rats, etc.

Kurgan district. There is a mass exit in the population with shovels, axes, digging for frozen potatoes and beetroot. On one of the sections of the fields of the village Mounds discovered up to 3 thousand people. men, women and children, collecting the remaining unharvested vegetables. In the village there was a typhoid outbreak.

Novo-Aleksandrovskiy district. St. Vozdvizhenskaya. Edinolichnitsa Shcheglova, having two children, ate dog meat. The survey found the apartment two dog heads, made for making jelly.

The Yeisk district. St. Novo-Shcherbinsky. Farmgirl Goload with up to 500 workdays, eats sawdust. Dovzhenko individual farmer eats dog meat and rats, his family of 6 people (wife and children) died from starvation.

Novo-Pokrovskiy district. St. Kalnibolotsky. The population on a mass scale to eat the meat of cats, dogs and rats. Over the last two weeks accounted for about 100 deaths.

Labinskiy district. St. Rodnikovskiy. 20 Feb Deputy head of MTS night found a crowd of 30 people who were killed sapnay horse, intending to take it apart the meat.

On the basis of hunger in some villages of Yeisk, Old Minsk, coach, Nevinnomyssk, Armavir region Kushchevskaya and there were cases of cannibalism and corpse-eating.

The Yeisk district. St. Dolzhansky. 22 February, the Commission on the provision of food aid, making the survey found that citizen Gerasimenko eaten corpse of his dead sister. During the interrogation, Gerasimenko said that for months she was fed various garbage without even vegetables, and that eating a human corpse was caused by hunger.

In the same village is established that the citizen Doroshenko, left after the death of his father and mother and young sisters and brothers ate meat died of hunger brothers and sisters. Assisted delivery of bread.

St. Novo-Scherbinovskiy. In the 3rd brigade of the collective farm wife fist Eliseenko, killed and ate her 3-year-old child, the family, Eliseenko consists of 8 people who eat a variety of surrogates (surapa, silage, etc.) and meat of cats and dogs.

At the cemetery, found up to 30 bodies washed up during the night, of the corpses were gnawed by dogs. The corpse of a farmer Reznik was cut in half, no legs, there found several graves from which the corpses disappeared.

In the 3rd brigade of the convicted wife Sergienko drags the cemetery the corpses of the children and eats. A search of the apartment and questioning children Sergienko found that the cemetery taken a few dead bodies for food. The apartment found the corpse of a girl with cut feet and found the cooked meat.

Tikhoretskiy district. St. Irklievskaya. At the cemetery, arrested 14-year-old son edinolichnitsy anistrafenko who dug the corpse of a child, intending to use it in food, the body selected.



The head of the SPO OGPU G. Molchanov, the head of the 2 Department of the SPO OGPU Lyushkov

CA FSB. F. 4. Op.11. D. 42. L. 62-64. A certified copy.

Of letters doctor of Zvenigorod district hospital in Kyiv region P. Blonsky

the people’s Commissar of health of the USSR S. I. Kantorovich

on the situation in the district in connection with the hunger

[Later March 1933

The people’s Commissariat of the USSR tov. The Kantorovich

<…> The position of Zvenigorod district[Iona] and neighboring directly observable as a doctor, and the rest of the judging according to eyewitnesses. Briefly, in the villages and small towns — one big horror. Poverty is incredible, permanent famine. Mass deaths from starvation. About 30 percent of the rural population exhausted from hunger or swollen. The birth rate is reduced to extremely small sizes.

Malnutrition, Necrophagia became frequent. The village can hardly see any dogs or cats — all eaten. Crime has increased to epic proportions. Hunger leads to such crimes, about which they have not heard before. I’m not talking about the famous shearing spikelets. All (not just farmers) is done by thieves from malnutrition. Begging unprecedented. “Speculators”, or better to say “people of the air” (i.e., engaged in the same, than was engaged, until recently, the Jewish poor in the towns), bred an incredible number. Arrests made an awful lot; prison is not enough: in Zvenigorodka recently also opened the prison closed 8 years ago. <…>

The court operates in full. Many prisoners died during the police. In one 1932 fled in different parts of the Soviet Union more than 10 thousand thousand of the Zvenigorod district. Destroyed buildings and residential farms Zvenigorod and villages very many; the streets of many plump depleted. In short, the situation is no better than after the invasion… cruel enemy military siege or disaster. <…>

To combat hunger something that was done last year, but it was done somehow, I would say, informally. It was impossible even to talk about hunger, “modesty” defeated. In this “modesty” is, of course, very little was done. This year too (before the beginning of March) to talk about the famine was considered almost counter. <…>

Local organizations (district and regional) can not cope with hunger without the full material and organisms[discount] specific assistance to the Supreme bodies of the party and government. It hurt, and prevents: insignificance in comparison with the size of the disaster, food stocks and delay in obtaining it. Meanwhile, as they say, the Elevator at the station Zvenyhorodka full of bread, a mill in Zvenigorodka all day. Have the butter and plodowski. At 5 miles there is a sugar factory. <…>

Very common among the executives and non executives politically harmful “theory” that the hunger strikers are guilty, not like, say, work, say so — let them die — not sorry. In this frame of mind of those who have to struggle with hunger, of course, there can be tangible results of their efforts to fight hunger.

These “theories” all the more strange in the mouth of the Soviet workers that they copy the views and opinions of all… of all times that someone is poor and hungry, who are to blame. Mortality is increased in the light of these facts that fast a lot of farmers with a large number of workdays that this year the farmers are starving the workers of those farms, which have worked well (the village of Ozirna, Zvenigorod district)


Some commercial and purely exploitative approach to the hungry. They are treated not as people in misery, but only as a live force to use for work. Hence not the fight against hunger as a national disaster, and the only task to restore the manpower, and the horse is at a greater premium than men. For the loss of a horse being punished, and for the massive loss of life no one is punished.

P. Blonsky

CA FSB. F. 2. Op. 11. 56. L. 259-261. A certified copy.

The report of the secret political Department

Plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU tscho 31 may 1933

The regional Committee of the CPSU(b) — I. Ivanov.

Borisov district [now Belgorod oblast — P. Z.]. In the Nikolaev village Council may 28, Cam Matveenko Evdokia killed 6-year-old girl Rogalevo Claudius and his 5-year-old daughter and used them for food.

Matveenko arrested. Rayupolnomochennym under investigation.

The Plenipotentiary of the OGPU of Central black earth region she said.

(CDNUA. F 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 91).


The report of the secret political Department

Plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU tscho 2 Jun 1933

The Secretary of the CPSU(b) comrade. Vareikis.

In the hamlet of Cherry, Latnenskogo village, Rivne district, a trash-farm girl Anastasia Solodovnikova Y. of the 4 dead children she had 3 cooked and ate.

The search was found in the garbage 2 children’s skulls.

Solodovnikova for 1932 on the farm has developed 7 workdays.

Solodovnikova arrested. The investigation leads rayapparat OGPU.

Zam. OGPU in tscho Bachinsky.

(CDNUA. F 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 107).


Information summary of the prosecution tscho 9 Jun 1933

A further aggravation of food hardship in

Borisov district.

As we have previously reported in information Bulletin in the Borisov district food difficulties have reached the extreme aggravation.

On June 9, reprocolor informed us that to date, the situation had further deteriorated. For the month of April died of starvation 1060 people, and for the month of may more. Endangered sometimes whole families, most individual farmers, however, there are farmers. In the month of may marked 3 cases of cannibalism.

Edinolichnitsa killed 3 other children and only on the 4th caught. Dead meat is sold roasted and ate part of herself with the family. Other edinolichnitsa killed one of their child, and the other a stranger, and also ate with his family.

On the basis of hunger increased theft.

POM. attorney tscho Achkasov (CDNUA. F. 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 193).

Сытые и мертвые. "Равенство и братство" в СССР


The Secretary of the CPSU(b), Yarygin.

Sobolewska in the village of Solntsevo district in the month of may died from hunger 140 individual farmers and farmers.

13 and 14 may. died 20 families of farmers, individual surviving members of these families are in a swollen state and do not have anything to supply.

There were cases where parents died, children remain homeless, and swollen before death.

On starvation, the majority of farmers do not go to work and because of this sowing fails.

Solntsevo district by the Executive Committee assisted in the amount of 24.5 tonnes.

The Plenipotentiary of the OGPU of Central black earth region she said.

(CDNUA. F. 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 165).

The report of the secret political Department

Plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU tscho June 13, 1933


Rakityanskiy district, village Trefilova

5 June edinolichnitsa widow Tkachev Evdokiya Vasilievna slaughtered and ate his 4 year old daughter. Tkachev delayed.

The investigation is conducted rayupolnomochennym OGPU.

Belgorod region, village Pushkarskaya

June 7 HOMESTEAD edinolichnitsy Anastasia Guseva farmers found the bones of a child 8-9 years, at the doctor’s bones were subjected to jam.

My daughter Anastasia Guseva Olga recently disappeared no one knows where 9-year-old daughter (granddaughter Anastasia Guseva).

The investigation is conducted opersektorom OGPU.

OGPU in tscho she said.

(CDNUA. F. 2. Op.1. D. 2461. L. 174).


The report of the secret political Department of the OGPU Plenipotentiary representative tscho Dec 27, 1933

The Secretary of the CPSU(b) comrade. Malinovo.

Fatezhsky district, der. Studs Baranovskogo of the village Council, 9/XII — 33. Fedyaeva Olga — Cam, deleted this spring from the farm, stabbed her five year old son, and the corpse used as food.

Fedyaeva detained and directed on research in psycho-hospital.

The investigation leads rayupolnomochenny OGPU.

OGPU in tscho she said.

(CDNUA. F. 2.Op.1. D. 2842. L. 15).



Сытые и мертвые. "Равенство и братство" в СССР

Summary of the Odessa regional QC RCTS about the condition of the starving population of the city of Zinoviev (real. Kirovohrad) and Zinoviev district of Odessa region.



…Validation data in Adzhamka

A test was conducted to state farmers at home, the result of which revealed the following facts:

1. Family Kovalenko Ephraim — 38, his wife 35, children aged 1 to 6 years — four; the whole family lies entirely on the stove. Adults swollen, the children are in a pronounced degree of exhaustion. To the question: “What are You sick?”, wife Kovalenko meets the crying and asking to save the family from hunger, said that for 4 days did not eat, and not even able to pound mouse. Yefim Kovalenko when visiting our hut looked away and was silent all the time. Kovalenko — a farmer, worked as a drummer, has 180 workdays and worked until the swelling.

2. Fomenko Prokhorov, a family consisting of 7 people, the children — ranging in age from 7 months to 8 years. All exhausted, lying on the stove. Turning to his wife Fomenko: “What is wrong with Your children” — the latter does not respond, begins first to cry, then to swear: “how long You going to torture us to death?!”.

3. Ershov — a family of 4 people. Two children (ages 3 to 5) years lie motionless, both swollen. Father Ershov also swollen. The family eats sparrows and myshiem. Requests to save children from starvation.

4. Zashlyahovsky Nazar, a family of 5. Four children aged 8 months to 8 years. My wife recently froze on the way to the Zinoviev. Children and father swollen. The apartment is absolutely nothing there — all sold. Cold, not toplane. The family ate his dog. Zashlyahovsky requests to pick up where any of his children and save them, because he knows that he will die. He added: “I was once in the red Army, was a revolutionary, and now that’s dying from hunger.”

5. Ovechko Christine, a widow, with four children aged 3 to 10 years, two of which are swollen, the family eats myshiem; the apartment is cold.

6. Andriyashevsko “neck” of the widow, the family has three children aged 3 to 8 years; all lie exhausted on the furnace. The mother asked to take her to the hospital, and the children somewhere to make sure that they did not die before her eyes.

7. Philip Kuchta — in the family 7 people. The apartment is cold, children swollen, feeding myshiem, fried meat izdohshey horse. In addition, the stock fell arranged in pots.

8. Kovalenko Anna — a widow. The family has three children. Children swollen. The family eats myshiem. In the room gnawed remains of horse ribs. The apartment smells of carrion.

9. Novichenko Fedor. The family consisting of 4 persons. A few days ago, died from exhaustion one child. Wife with severe oedema, resulting in cracks from which the liquid is released.

In the same family as are the following farmers: Sukovich, One, Leckage, Nabokova, Lisovichi, yakhontova, Krasnokutskiy, Semenko, Degterenko, Fomenko, Malomuzh, Chernenko, Melenchuk and other…

…Pokrovsky village Council

Cooperatives Pokrovskogo selsoveta the position of farmers extremely difficult, help the starving do not have, because there are no adequate resources. The uptake of farmers for help in the tiny village Council.

1. Kobeleva Maria Ivanovna — a family of 3 children aged 6 to 11 years. In the farm since its organization. For 1932 has 120 workdays. Her husband had gone to the city. Mother is swollen, and the oven does not peel off 3 days. Child 6 years as swelling, mood indifferent to everything. They also sit on the stove has two girls, whose mother died last year from hunger, and my father three weeks ago.

2. Yaroshenko, Peter. The family of a wife and 3 children aged 7 to 11 years. Has 220 workdays for 1932. Children swollen, lie on the stove. The wife is crying and says, “I considered the shock troops out of the norm, from working hands swelled, and at once propadom”.

3. Mikhail Polovinkin. The family of a wife and 4 children aged 5 to 11 years. It has 175 workdays. A child 6 years of age is swollen. The father also is swollen for three weeks. The hut is cold; children crying, they say weak, hoarse voice. Father says that he will not last long. Sorry for only children.

4. Kovalenko Akulina — lives with her son 13 years. Both swollen. The farm from the day of organization. The mother cries: “Litom hands were swollen from work, and now no pork Seeley, pristupiti, pomimo I don’t dedemos hliba”.

5. Balashov Salifan — the family of a wife and 3 children aged 5 to 14 years. On the farm in 1929, has 171 workday, the family eats myshiem. The hut is cold. Balashov said: “do Not save us, came to our end.”

6. Tkachov Timothy. A family of 4 people, Smith, has 333 workdays in the farm in 1929, children are acutely malnourished, and the wife swears: “To what brought us, ravaged, turned into beggars, and still have enough conscience to write that the government of workers and peasants. At least the children were dead, I would not look at them as they suffer”.

7. Guseva, Daria. The family of a boy 7 years and girl 4 years. Father died from hunger. In the farm from the day of organization. Gusev is on the stove, sick. Got sick after I ate some surrogate. The hut is cold. Gusev said: “It is not the peasants’ power, but rather want us all vydushit. Cleaned this bread that the soul rejoiced, and now starving”.

8. Shchukin Avdotya. The family of a child of 7 years. In the farm from the day of organization. The hut is empty and cold. Eat floors. Shchukin did not want to talk: “still lost, whoever comes”.

Such farmers in need of urgent financial aid, in the Pokrovsky village Council has at least 220 people, including adults — about 70 people and children up to 150 people…

The Chairman of the Odessa regional QC RCTS




(Gaao, f. R.-710, op. 2, D. 2. 9-17).

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