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Scientists said that music festivals are beneficial to health

Ученые заявили, что музыкальные фестивали полезны для здоровьяScientists have described how music festivals impact on health.

Music festival is not just about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Visiting the festival is having a positive impact on the psyche and social well-being of young people, say scientists from Australia, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to the Telegraph.

A recent study conducted by experts from the University of Queensland, showed that 18-29 year old music lovers get from visiting music festivals not only aesthetic pleasure. Such events help to fight loneliness, by giving them a sense of belonging and social integration. At music festivals, young people have the opportunity of self-discovery and personal growth.

“Musical events not only give people the opportunity to think, feel and act not like in daily life, but also inspire introspection and reassessment. Often the participants of the festival experience positive feelings about themselves, other people and life in General” — say scientists.

For the purposes of the study, researchers divided musical event into four categories: music, the festival itself, the social elements and detachment from everyday life. Music, in their opinion, is the link between all the others.

Scientists admit that the music festival is not only the joy of unity and self-knowledge, but also the negative aspects such as drugs, antisocial behaviour and alcohol and going to study them, to better resist them.

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