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Scientists have named the most common among men disease

Ученые назвали самые распространенные среди мужчин болезниScientists have established, some diseases are more susceptible to men than women.

Scientists named the 6 diseases that often strike the male body.

Studies have shown that some diseases are more accustomed in men than in women.

So, men more often than women become victims of some cancers – cancer of liver and esophagus. According to statistics data the diagnoses of the male gender put in 2-4 times more often than women.

We also learned that autism and similar disorders are 4-5 times more boys are diagnosed, and girls. More often found in men and type II diabetes, what else can you say about alcoholism.

Furthermore, it is known that patients dissociality personality disorders (sociopathy) among men account for about 2-4%, while the number of women affected by this ailment in much less – about 0.5-1%.

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