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Nine symptoms that men cannot be ignored

Nine symptoms that men cannot be ignored

Masculinity lead to an early death, scientists believe. “Macho men” less likely to turn to doctors and, as a rule, they believe that disease will be “themselves”.

Девять симптомов, которые мужчинам нельзя игнорировать

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Researchers from Rutgers University have found that masculinity reduces the life expectancy of a strong half of mankind.

The fact is that brutal “macho” rarely go to the doctor and, consequently, more likely to suffer deadly diseases.

Health complaints cause in men a feeling of loss of status, and even if a man going to the doctor, he is likely to deceive the physician concerning his health.

Psychologists have found out by questioning that brutal men prefer to be treated by male physicians, considering them more competent, according to the Daily Mail, there are at least nine symptoms, ignoring them or their understatement cause tremendous harm to the health of men.

1. Sexual dysfunction

May be due to cardiovascular disease.

Doctors increasingly warn that the problems of an intimate nature in men can be the first sign of heart disease.

“The body needs good blood flow for erection, and the problems with it is actually a very revealing barometer for cardiovascular disease,” said Raj Persad, urologist Bristol Royal infirmary.

In addition, according to the cardiologist Graham Jackson from the American Association for counseling men in case of such problems developed heart problems within three to five years.

This symptom speaks to physicians about possible death, and not just about heart disease, experts say.

2. Breast augmentation

Can cause hormonal imbalance and liver disease.

Often joking about exceeding the size of the female bust male breast is laughing sick over healthy, confident physicians.

In most cases, the appearance of a man “lady’s chest” — a consequence of lipomastia (fat deposits). This may be caused by disease of the pituitary or the result of obesity.

Endocrinologist of the University of Oxford Ashley Grossman claims that the man in this case, the required assistance is not only a plastic surgeon, and dietitian — to reduce excess weight.

“They need either to lose weight or drink less beer,” she claims.

In addition, the reason for the increase in breast cancer in men may be and gynecomastia (increase of stromal and glandular tissue). Although gynecomastia can be physiological and pathological (old-age, puberty, birth), most often it is caused by an overabundance of female hormones, inadequate levels of testosterone, liver disease, endocrine disease, and HIV infection.

In connection with such a range of causes and precipitating factors, physician before to treat male diseases of the chest, must conduct a comprehensive examination. Doctors insist on the compulsory notification of the physician in case of breast enlargement.

3. Nightly trips to the bathroom

May be the result of prostate cancer or enlargement

The need for frequent toilet visit is not just a problem with the bladder, doctors believe.

Although there is no clear and definite standards of normal frequency of urination, still some boundaries of “normality” can be defined. It is generally believed that the urge to the toilet more than 10-15 times a day is a lot.

The most common cause of frequent urination in men — is an infectious disease of the urinary tract, chronic kidney failure or tumors of the prostate gland and prostate cancer.

In addition to medical drugs diuretics are alcohol and caffeine. Therefore, doctors advise men with similar problems to reduce their consumption, and in any case to consult a specialist.

4. Aboutotsutstvie of smell and reduction drive

Can be due to problems with fertility

The lack of smell is a common problem faced by many people. There are two types of such disorders: anosmia (the complete absence of smell) and hyposmia (in a partial loss of olfactory function).

Most common acquired anosmia. It appears as a result of limited damage to the Central nervous system in various diseases: tumors, encephalomyelitis, with lesions of the vertebral or intracranial arteries.

While men with anosmia have significantly less sexual partners. According to scientists, this is because people subconsciously use smell to recognize emotional States of other people, because it contains pheromones.

The smell of testosterone and oestrogen activates the hypothalamus — the area of the brain responsible for mood, sexual behaviour and the amount of hormones in the body. This explains why 83% of people suffering from nasal congestion, complain about the deterioration of sexual life.

Also, if you have ceased to feel smells and at the same time you decreased libido, you may suffer from infertility.

5. Tumors in the testicles

Can be due to cancer of the testicles

Commovie education and swellings in the testicles are a relatively common phenomenon both boys and older men. In most cases, these lumps are benign tumors. However, this may be a symptom of testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged 20 to 35 years.

Changes in the testes may indicate testicular cancer, which can progress pretty quickly, so men who notice such changes, you must promptly consult a doctor. Cancer treatment is most effective if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage.

6. Blood when urinating

May be due to cancer of the bladder

Blood in the urine is the most common symptom of bladder cancer. Every year this form of the disease is diagnosed in 500 thousand people and in half of cases leads to death of the patient.

Most cases of cancer caused by exposure to harmful substances that lead to abnormal changes in the cells of the bladder. One common reason doctors call Smoking. It is believed that half of all cases of bladder cancer caused by Smoking.

In addition, some chemicals previously used in production and is now banned in most countries, also cause the disease.

7. Strong alcoholic intoxication

May be due to depression

Alcohol depression is a frequent “companion” of alcoholism. Alcoholism in a patient receiving long-term alcohol, begins a gradual degradation of the personality, difficulty in communicating with other people, changes its character. Gradually, he becomes irritable, angry and begins to pose a threat to others. In this case, most alcoholic depression suffer men.

Such a person is experiencing a psychological crisis. He sees everything in black colors, he’s not interested. The man continues to live on inertia, not experiencing job satisfaction.

Pathology itself can’t pass, so the patient needs to seek help in a medical rehabilitation center, the physicians said.

“It is better to pay attention to the reason for looking at the bottom of the bottle at once, than later to treat depressive alcoholism”, said Dr John Chisholm, Chairman of the Men’s health forum.

According to him, three out of four suicides were men, despite the fact that women get depressed more often.

This is important, says Dr. Chisholm, as men are 20 percent less likely to go to the doctor in the first place.

According to experts, the blame for this lies with the society that promote the image of brutality leads to the fact that men just “keep to themselves”.

Expert calls to change cultural attitudes to ensure that more men could Express emotions and share experiences.

8. Pain in the big toe

May be due to gout

Gout is three to four times more common in men than in women.

There are several reasons, which begins to develop the disease. First, gout affects men with a genetic predisposition. Secondly, the cause of the disease is the metabolic disorders. A third reason may be the presence in the patient of hypertension. The last thing that can serve as the impetus for the development in men gout is the ingestion of various medicines.

The most pronounced symptom is a deformity of the joint of the big toe or sharply appearing pain in the joints that are most commonly caused by the consumption of meat products or the overlapping of alcoholic beverages.

Basically, these pains begin to manifest at night and more characteristic of men over 30. This happens because of higher levels of uric acid in the blood.

9. Seal around the nipple

May be the result of male breast cancer.

Male breast cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer in men. It is 100 times more common in the beautiful half of humanity, and the chances of development of breast cancer in men throughout life are about one in a thousand.

In most cases this type of cancer develops in men aged 65 years and older, although there were reported cases in men aged 20 to 90 years.

The appearance of a lump at the nipple — the most private symptom of breast cancer.

There are several factors that can lead to this disease.

Primarily on the development of breast cancer in males can be influenced by a deterioration in the functioning of the reproductive system or increasing the amount of estrogen.

In addition, the cause can be poor diet, alcohol consumption, Smoking, hormonal therapy or adverse conditions of work and budget.

There is also evidence that male breast cancer may be hereditary.

As the newspaper notes, for men it is unacceptable to ignore any of the nine listed symptoms, which can indicate very serious diseases. If they are detected, it is urgent to see a doctor, even if it might cause some serious damage to the image of “macho”, they care little about their health.

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