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Scientists have figured out who killed “the hobbits”

Ученые выяснили, кто уничтожил «хоббитов»Human ancestors wiped out the hobbits.

Australian paleontologists discovered a human hearth in the famous “cave of the hobbits” on the Indonesian island of Flores.

The ancestors of modern humans destroyed the only known population in the world of the “hobbits”.

Scientists have collected enough facts to this thesis looked completely convincing, but there are more arguments in his favor.

Race of people, whose height was 3.5 feet, referred to as “hobbits” that lived on the territory of the Indonesian island of Flores. The population of “hobbits” existed 50 thousand years ago, but then mysteriously disappeared.

Experts suggest that modern members of the species Homo sapiens used fire in the caves the hobbit, at least 41 thousand years ago. Foci in the cave of Liang Bua indicate that hobbits and modern humans occupied this place with a difference of 11 thousand years. If we assume that two types were in the same place at the same time, it could explain the disappearance of the ancient dwarfs.

An international team of researchers found the remains of a previously unknown species of small-sized human (Homo floresiensis in a cave of Liang Bua in 2003. The species got its name because of the Association with low characters, invented by the author of “Lord of the rings” by John Tolkien.

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