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Scientists have figured out how to photograph a black hole

Ученые придумали, как сфотографировать черную дыруAstronomers have found a way to take pictures of black holes.

The researchers plan to collect data from radio telescopes located across the planet, and “paste” them into a single image. They note that by conventional telescopes to look at a black hole impossible.

“Our nearest black hole is so small that to see it is as hard as a grapefruit on the moon. To study these objects will need a telescope the size of the Earth,” — said PhD student, Institute of Bauman, Katie (Katie Bouman), have developed a new method.

Bauman suggested using radio signals and to observe from different points of the Earth. “The radio signals passing through walls, and pass through clouds of galactic dust. It is because of the latter, we can’t look into the center of our galaxy is a black hole — approx. “Ribbon.<url>”) in the visible range”, she said.

A new algorithm for the visualization of black holes will allow, among other things, to obtain additional proof of the General theory of relativity albert Einstein — if the size of the black hole will be exactly the way it determines this theory.

While the consent to participation in the project gave six observatories. Monitor object will begin in the spring of 2017, when the conditions for operation of the telescopes is better. During the same year, scientists expect to obtain the first image.

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