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Scientists have discovered exoplanets zipper

Ученые открыли экзопланету-молниюEvery hour on the surface of the exoplanet is breaking out trillions of lightning.

Astronomers claimed that the exoplanet Kepler-10b in the constellation of Cygnus, believed to be the charred core of a gas giant, enveloped in a “blanket of lightning, trillions of outbreaks which occur in the atmosphere of extrasolar planets every hour.

The research results were published in the journal MNRAS.

The researchers tried to find out the frequency with which lightning needs to occur on earth-like planets, gas giants and brown dwarfs outside the Solar system. A similar study scientists forced to hold that the Hubble telescope has discovered clouds in the atmosphere of many hot Jupiters and brown dwarfs.

According to the researchers, this suggests that the clouds of drops of silicon and metal vapor can be lightning in the same way as on Earth.

In the study, researchers found that the occurrence of lightning is affected by the surface temperature of ekzoplanety and how often it happen volcanoes. The planet Kepler-10b, which almost touches the external covers of a star, the number of lightning discharges will be fantastic. Each hour on its surface will happen a trillion bits of electricity, and virtually the entire planet will be enveloped in a kind of blanket of lightning.

This phenomenon, as the astronomers, you will notice the presence of lines of sulphur dioxide in the spectrum of Kepler-10b, that can be done after the launch of the telescope, “James Webb and TESS, who has sufficient sensitivity.

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