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Scientists create smartphone-driven look

Ученые создают смартфон, управляемый взглядомScientists are developing a smartphone that can be controlled with just a look.

Scientists from Massachusetts recently announced the production of a program that will allow you to control the gadget with eye movement. The development will be able to apply in medical purposes.

Now scientists have produced software that pinpoints where to look. According to the head of the project of Aditya Holy, the team will be able to improve the performance of the software, if it will take part about 10 thousand volunteers. In this case, the error program will be reduced to 0.5 cm.

In the initial phase, the researchers used the app GazeCapture, which has captured the face of the owner. The program took into account such factors as head position, the direction of the pupil to determine gaze focused on the screen.

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