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Retired Russians lose more than 60% of monthly earnings

Выходя на пенсию россияне лишаются более 60% ежемесячного заработка

Nikolay Kozlov, Deputy Chairman of the FIU made a statement that the pension of the Russians does not exceed 40% of their former income.”We always tie the pension to the former salary of the pensioner. In Russia the average is 38 per cent from the earnings of the people till retirement.

It is worth saying that this is no small percentage by global standards. According to the international labour organisation the standard is 40%. “Nikolai Kozlov noted that in the European Union this indicator makes up 70% of revenue, but this high percentage is achieved by supplementary pension insurance and security, for example, due to the cumulative system.

Deputy Chairman of the PFR has noticed that Russia is a “social state”. This means that the government treats pensioners tolerant and much better than business. If you compare the social status of our pensioners and other persons who are in public care, we occupied the 70th place. But the business environment we find somewhere in the second hundred.

Kozlov also recalled that the level of pension is directly tied to the overall economic development of the country. “Our pension system needs reforms, the pension should increase. But do not forget that this is due to the level of development of labour in the country. And we still have that the productivity in the whole 4 times less than in European Union countries. “- said Kozlov. Last year, the average pension in Russia reached 12 600 rubles.

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