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“Sergeant Lukashenko, back in the line!”

“Sasha, cover the clearing, we’re going to talk…”

 "Сержант Лукашенко, вернитесь в строй!"

The news that the EU lifted sanctions on Belarus, the most coarse animal face 170 of the representatives of the Minsk elite can now easily fly over the hill and partake of the forbidden fruit there anti-culture and frolic in various positions caused in the ranks of the Moscow Bohemia a terrible commotion. After all, they are “ours”, it turns out now, it sort of fell…
So yesterday and drove to Minsk a big crowd to asteptati dabbling in the evils of the world Father.
Just think, left the Kremlin at the same time neproizvol ALL the pillars of Russia’s GDP, QUEENS, Lavrov and Shoigu, and a crowd of actors of the second plan, in short so much that one sealed carriage, if that is not enough to reverse.

The father was so happy unexpected arrival druhanov, coming forward to greet the Russians, confused faces and asked to GDP, “Mr Medvedev!”, but immediately was ashamed of the mistake, and recovered…

The meeting was brotherly and expected.
Most importantly, the Russians wanted to kill the Father to consent to the conversion of stillborn in 1999 Sobra (of the Union of Belarus and Russia) into a full-fledged single state.
This possibility is theoretically there. The possibility to comrade. Putin become President of reviving the then mighty USSR-2. Then the sitting of the great Russia will be charging and LADIES, especially, his experience and the duties of the President of the Russian Federation already in the workbook is reflected.
Of course, we need a proper referendum. But it seems excessive Colgate. However, if necessary, and let. After all, the old horse comrade. The supervisor, of course, will not spoil the furrow…

Honestly, the situation is very difficult and full of all kinds of tactical and strategic surprises, koi our GDP is very powerful.

20 years Moscow have been continuing to collect the scattered brethren in new unbreakable and indestructible, but the successes are small. Except for the amazing child of Kremlin political genetic engineering called “State “of the Union of Belarus and Russia”” (SOBR), not even recognized by Nauru, any special achievements not observed, although attempts to recoup at least over the last 15 years a lot.
Here and the CSTO and the Customs Union, and, finally, the Eurasian Union, designed to incorporate the majority of class brothers.
However, the majority of brothers and sisters removed your eyes and in no hurry to fraternize with Golden, not wanting to give up the independence albeit not rich, but absolutely uncontrolled captivating and profitable.

The last 15 years, profukannyh in the ongoing attempts to revive the USSR. It in the form of Sabre – the Union of Belarus and Russia, the CU, EurAsEC, CSTO, still smoldering CIS… and Along the way joined in the SCO and G-20 and G-7, APEC, and BRICS, and ASEAN, and the WTO, and the PACE and the OSCE…
And tellingly, none of these structures could not reach the main thing – to correspond to the restoration of the USSR.
There are several reasons. One of the main is that again to drive the former republics of the Union back in the bullpen does not work – no one voluntarily goes, and to attract nothing… But not by force obtained – Moscow forces are long gone, except in old makeup, well there lip tint, Botox inject, a tale of Caspian oil a gouty fingers to pull, leaky poluchiloc to throw on bent shoulders…
It remains to make a historic decision, where to go, where to go, whom to give, whom to give…

In connection with a clearly voluntaristic ugly decision on the Crimea in General and attempts to annihilate the Ukraine, had to sacrifice good relations with Europe and the States, to declare a Jihad and to set the population on the age-old feud. And for internal use to inject the drug victories in Syria and inevitable powerzone sneaky Turkey.

Get a snack from the trunk of their ancient note on this topic.
Once, in 1999, wrote his opinion on the then anticipated Sabre (was, I believe, published for discussion the draft). Publish without editing and modernizing…
And now 20 years old soon as a glimmer of the candle Assembly. Almost 10 years enjoyed in the chair of “President” has Gathered already almost forgotten son of a gun, comrade. Borodin P. P., has kindly drawn by someone from Swiss cellars of Lubyanka by paying several million euros of collateral… All these years Moscow has regularly contained the device of the “Union state” and its various other needs… Was very nice…

Much today I would say differently, but to change almost nothing of the camp, poetry, and once, and let it be an example of my then naivety…


Collection of neolobites



Signing without proper analysis and discussion of the Union Treaty with Belarus, for which Russia thousands of years will dissolve in some unmanaged Sabre was a historic mistake of President Yeltsin and the state Duma.
You must prove to a wide circle of Russians prematurity, haste, illegitimacy and the crudity of the plans of dissolution of Russia arranged in Sobra. They say that in Russia there is no objection against merging in the new state, but who asked us? Who has studied intelligently the view “from below” on the issue of the supposed urgent emergency merging Russia and Belarus into a single state?..

1. The crudity configuration.

Actually, in nature there are only three ways to combine States.
First, when a small state is part of a larger state, losing sovereignty and name. Great state only intensifies, without losing anything (the Anschluss, remember…).
Second, when two States are merged, creating a third thing. While the former state lose their names, sovereignty and history in exchange for the uncertain bright future under new banners. Moreover, the second option is possible in a unitary, Federal or Confederate design.
Third, when two or more States converge to any desired areas on any mutually acceptable distance through normal contractual relations (strategic, cultural, economic, etc.).
It seems that the authors of the proposed fire Union have not tried to look at their offspring and with the real historical conditions. Today’s Russia is asymmetric. The so-called Republic, i.e. the most controversial subjects of Russia (the USSR!), taking advantage of the situation, which has taken a privileged position for their title-national elites actively opposed by ordinary Russian regions, yet not become full-fledged provinces. You can imagine our current Federal structure as a matryoshka doll first level, filled with different-sized balls of two types. However, almost was born the third kind inside the doll – unknown actors type of Chechnya. Inside?
The proposed matryoshka second level – Confederate (first?) – will also asymmetric filling – the little giant of Belarus and Russia allegedly will be in her womb freely and equitable roll. At the same time Belarus Russia toe will not topcat – small big that elephant’s grain. And what is small? Remember the crush on the morning bus. The authors of the draft Treaty even casual did not Express a view about the ultimate form of hybrid state – Confederation, Federation, federations, or unitary state. They do not know the answer, because his theory of state and law in this combination.
The third level – matryoshka CIS. Here, too, everything is so variegated that it is difficult to achieve any symmetry and order.

2. The Treaty establishing the Union state as the steriliser of the constitutions.

Of course, you can write anything, paper endures. But what about the theory of the state? If it’s a Anschluss or fraternal Gerasimenya the arms of the USSR type, then say so. Then why are Fig leaves constitutions and pseudogestational two parts of one state? If it is political, economic Union or combination, then why did the Union and a host of supranational bodies, if enough ordinary allied treaties?
Can not exist a Contract as a document newconstitution, it is legally ridiculous. Something one – or actually operating Agreement or Constitution of Russia and Belarus, which today do not involve any merger and authority to steer in the direction of their leaders.

3. Slacking Russia.

The national concerned of the Republic of the Russian Federation is likely to take the idea of Union with Russia Lukashenka to offer themselves as equal participants of the Union. Maybe this way you wish to go and Chechnya, when it dies down the fire.

4. Odium Lukashenka.

With people like Lukashenka decent person to have anything to do not have. And what can we say about the criteria of decency in international relations. The General construction of the hut gives Lukashenka a chance at political survival, and even longevity. After all, he already at the start, before any of referendums and elections, the Chair of the future state, i.e. the chief and Putin and himself as “President” of Belarus…

5. Haste is the enemy of quality.

Issues such as integration of the two countries, not solved neither in a month nor in a year. What is less than three weeks for a response to the discussion draft (08.10.99 publication in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on 1.11.99, while the 30th and 31st days off)? The taunt!
For example, USA and Canada over two hundred years and have common customs and defence space, and the unification of most of the legislation and common – English – language, and the great similarity of culture and traditions, and the practical absence of boundaries, but about the Union of these States, no one stutters, why would we have such impractical?

6. Again, “gay, Slavs!”?

The authors of the Treaty want very nimble and cunning to unite the Slavic world. But if we are to unite, and not on the Ukrainians Belarusians from the Russians, poles, Czechs, and Slovaks, and Bulgarians, and Serbs in the former Yugoslavia. And luzane in Germany will remain behind Panslavist? Not good! Why do we have this ineradicable rudeness to bestow its “warm” those who are about it and not really asking you to teach others to live. Again, what about the Slavs nechvatal Canada and Australia?
In this case what about the interests of non-Slavic 1/6 of the population of Russia? She then ran only to escape to “their own” Republic within the Russian Federation, where comfort and will think long before to become relatives with Lukashenka or some new Milosevic. I.e. the Union with Belarus not only accelerate the Exodus from Russia of non-Russians, but also can be a catalyst for its collapse, because “come” to them, unlike the Jews, nowhere.
Someone a knife in my heart the desire of former members of the Warsaw Pact, most of which are Slavs, to the membership in NATO, which they see as the guarantor of the restoration of communism in Europe. I want to compete with NATO flabby biceps?
These pseudo-politicians who are blind from birth, not noticing in the neighborhood (a ten-minute flight missiles) the nuclear missile arsenals of North Korea, China, and now Pakistan with India fully naked on the southern underbelly of Russia. Don’t want to see they and international terrorism, avalanche Pruszcz not from NATO countries. And here to think, who to be with Russia in the 21st century, and maybe all of the third Millennium. A multipolar world is a naive dream, in the nature of “multipolarity” is fleeting, it is a synonym of instability. Actually, after the collapse of dwholesale USA–USSR, formed dwholesale North – South where the North pole is headed by NATO countries, and the southern Islamic world, committed to the redistribution of resources. Someone to be Russia? This same question is asked both Asia and Africa. And we, inspire us, don’t want Western values, we are sick of them, we are special, unique and self-sufficient. Come on! Japan, incidentally, without sacrificing any of its originality, quietly joined the “North” and is firmly in the seven leading countries of the world.
By the way, Russia can remain outside of the poles, to reconstitute themselves as a world superpower. For this we only need to get to work, to become economically stronger than the USA. There are all, except the desire…

7. The total purse?

Joint finances with Belarus while saving it and by Russia as independent States is impossible. Own currency is an attribute of sovereignty. General ruble, but in two of the purse with the issue of his using the CBR is nonsense and a source of destabilization of Finance of both countries. What, however, was, I remember, and the dimensionless services in rubles cash flow rebellious Chechnya through the special correspondent account with the CBR. Allow the Lukashenka to open the second emission center of the common currency (hem or sable, as aptly put by the people), the suicide of Russia.

8. So after all, the Anschluss or the neighbourhood?

Of course, Belarus needs good political and economic alliances, but with strict observance of its neutral status. As well as with Kazakhstan and Ukraine. God help you! The fact that the fraternal peoples should live in peace – no doubt. But the experience of the USSR showed that to live a variety of peoples in a “Swedish” family. The expectation that the facility will create a unified Soviet people, did not materialize. To re-establish a multinational farm is just silly. What the leaders in the country are such that just trying again to save humanity or at least its Slavic component by combining in unmanaged Imperial giant? Pooped Milosevic, are displayed immediately to the American Embassy aunt with the poster “Hands off our Yugoslavia?” Who told you that it’s all YOURS? Yugoslavia since 1948 “not yours”, and Yugoslavia actually long gone… But no, the Duma immediately gives her consent to the Union and unification with Serbia (Yugoslavia)…
On the other hand, the same Duma in emphasis does not see that Luzhkov’s Moscow had long been the capital of Russia, and a thoroughfare for international crime. See, with all the inconvenience of registration in Moscow (it is necessary to line the pockets of officials), there are obtained freely (only on “legal grounds”) of up to 1 million Azerbaijanis (the number of Baku), 400 thousand Armenians, as many Georgians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Moldovans, Tajiks, tens of thousands of Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghans and even 20 thousand Kurds. Add 400 thousand Chechens, whose status is now unclear, and you will see that in Moscow “trades” about 3 million or more foreign citizens, which came here without any visas and invitations, without a livelihood, often leading a luxurious lifestyle, but more beggarly and theft. And how much is acquired in Moscow foreigners without any registration and accounting?
Friendship of peoples is good. But for some reason they come to us with all the formalities as we are to them, and with the former allies no order is not respected. Dozens of trains and planes daily bring to Moscow all new uninvited guests from CIS States. Russian border in the South and in the East virtually open. Why, then, Union with Belarus, if the USSR de facto illegal continues to exist? Let Belarusians themselves quietly, like their preoccupied her future illegitimate President, come without any invitation, who stops them? Thanks to Putin that the first hinted about the introduction of the visa regime with Azerbaijan and Georgia and dogal did Georgia. However, it does not scare me, since all and Sundry, the rod through Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.
I remember 74 all permanent agnivanshi capitalist world kept calling the USSR Russia, but Tajiks, Armenians and other representatives of non-Russian Soviet people, if on the occasion they found themselves abroad, impudently called the Russians. Sorry for the Belarusians, they again will go to Russia, what kind of Union this design by any other name, and clicking them will be the Russians… And even that will again speak about Russians, unseemly to think.
And would ask in a referendum whether they want to Russian war (guerrilla war in Belovezhskaya Pushcha or raids Belarusian volunteer units in Chechnya)…

9. Hatchet job legal laymen.

As for the legal side of the Contract, in this respect, it is absolutely untenable. In education, the merger or separation of States, the transformation of their forms of power source can be only the people and not elected by them on passing historical period, the heads or bodies. As for Russia, as a Federation, but a national Russian referendum (required separately for each subject of the Federation), requires the approval of the Union all legislative bodies of subjects of Federation. Among other things, disapproval of the draft Treaty in any subject will give the latter a strong legal basis for a free exit from the Russian Federation.
Strange but true – the authors of the Treaty even for the sake of not going to ask their peoples in a referendum about whether they want to unite in principle and on what basis, to give a choice of several variants of the Union. As expected, the bonded Contract hastily ran through gone into oblivion last Duma, where the majority were Communist revanchists, and in a pocket “Parliament” of comrade Lukashenka. He was soon appointed (purely in Lukashenka style!) the Parliament of the Union state, which according to article 62 of the Treaty of Union will consider (someone kindly already compiled) draft constitutional act defining the procedure for holding elections in the Parliament, i.e. the appointees themselves will determine the rules of reproduction. It verhallen (with the filing of any business Executive or Manager, well-versed not just in the construction and in public construction, which for him is the same) and determine the procedure for conducting Federal referenda that we will “Express” their opinion, being already trapped in the Union state.
And after all this, someday, will be developed and the Constitution of the Union state. However, we, the citizens, the Constitution no longer discuss, because she will be born automatically from the constitutional Act. As for the invitation to this Alliance everyone, then the Nations eliminated in the question of accession of third countries solves (articles 34 and 39), the Parliament, and sanctioned by the Supreme State Council. But what about going out, so kindly do not worry! Provided about such an impossible order, which at the time offered the Baltic States Gorbachev. If, God forbid, any sovereign partner, like a member of the Union, to behave in an unacceptable manner, the draft does not even hint at the mechanism of exclusion of an unworthy member. A must have!

10. And Fig the whole thing?

Every document has a “nail”. Is he in the project under discussion. But to the naked eye is not visible, because deep has been sunk. But here’s a brief summary of the Programme of action for the negligence of the editor mentions that “…in 2000… will be created regional grouping of armies…”. I don’t know how I will protect the Belarusian group of forces, located, say, Chukotka, Central Asia or Chechnya…
Someone itching. Failed to start the third world by boorish of the March to Pristina in Kosovo, so let’s try another angle. Let’s try to confront NATO with Belarus. Maybe vtravel them in dismantling their fists. In Central Europe they would not dare to apply the atom. But the fists we always against one soldier in ten will exhibit. “No” and “no” Europeanization of Russia, Union Treaty, cries, may she forever remains unpredictable Asian Empire….

11. If we ask, what will happen?

NTV had arranged in late 1999 television survey on the topic, to unite? The response is most active, called tens of thousands of spectators. The answer seems to be certain – “for” 55 percent opposed and 45%. However, step back from the naive (and rather insidious thought-forms) the proposed analysis and ask those who called for it, to answer further by selecting one of three options:
a) you for joining Belarus to Russia its nine provinces without any conditions, and with the loss of its sovereignty;
b) you are for the Union (merge) of the two States “on equal terms” with the change of name them on the General type of “SOBR” (the Union of Belarus and Russia), resulting in we, Russians, will not be citizens of the millennial of Russia, but in a sort of hybrid education and will be called not Russians, and, perhaps, dear (dear brothers-Byelorussians, no offense, that’s the controversy);
q) do you for the Union Confederate type that will include the Russian Federation, but where to command again will General Parliament, and the sovereignty and statehood of the participants will be really lost.
There is no doubt that 90% of callers on NTV “for” to elect the first option. But this option is obviously not needed for the Belarusians, as it completely puts an end to their statehood. The second and third options obviously don’t need the vast majority of Russians because they make the notion of “Russia” sterile dummy.

12. Wieviel kostet das?

Before sits in the offices of a host of new high-paid bureaucrats at the head of the international famous PAL Pavlovich, it would be good to calculate what it will cost, and decide, by reducing anyone’s standard of living will be these expenses, — from whose purse state (Russia or Belarus) will be paid for multi-million dollar liens, if officials of careless frolic, and will attract the attention of petty foreign prosecutors. And again, would ask the consent of peoples to new burdens.

13. The prose of life…

Remember how comrade. Lukashenko (the illegitimate “President” of Belarus unhappy), without any invitation of President Yeltsin, without visas, thriftily dangled at the end of the last century by the Russian regions and has led a campaign for the speedy signing of the Treaty, scaring the Russians, NATO, etc. horror stories. What was his statement in Kaliningrad in the end of 1999 on the economic asset of the local red Directors! Remember, he said to them confidentially: “I do not hide that I am a Communist… it’s not so bad. Let’s See – Lukashenko, Gorbenko, Nazdratenko, Kondratenko…”? And tore the same ovation that faded badly, but still enough red guiding Bugaev! In front of them waving a red cloth with “spider”, Mein Fuhrer, and maybe will run over you with joyful ditch, not knowing that they run to the slaughter. But if bustling, and on the horns to take!..
And show the same actor at the same time in the Duma before tarisai beliefs? The apotheosis of impudence the Director of the farm-turned-political GOP-stop. Ugh!
Now, when the Contract is signed, and former President Yeltsin and the Duma last, coupled with the previous Council of the Federation, however, as Belarusian critics, the joke has gone too far. Whether President Putin is soberly to weigh and to say “no” to a trick called “sleight of hand and no shuck-and-Jive”? It seems to be – Yes. In July 2001, at the famous press conference before the meeting in Genoa he said that the Union of Russia and Belarus should not lead to the loss of sovereignty by the members of the Union. Whether he said so to quiet the critics, and actually will come in Lukashenka style, or is he seriously thinking about the historical fate of Russia? The answer will give time and scheduled referendum looming, the questions of which, it seems, will announce at the last moment that people do not have time to consider their response. Among other things, force resuscitation in Russia of the Stalinist anthem was probably deeply thought, because two years ago the parliaments of Russia and Belarus in joint session, adopted this hymn as the anthem of Assembly, here and primitivi, SABR…

14. And what political forces of Russia and the CIS?

The vast majority of political parties are silent. Only Zuganov from time to time say in support, Yes the ATP, taking a principled stance, urged to “make friends”, but not to do a hasty restoration of the USSR. In the CIS more fear than approval. Although there are and frankly who wanted to participate, so as not to be late to the distribution of elephants. For example, Moldova (represented, again, not the Moldovan people, and of comrade Voronin), and to some extent the leaders of Armenia. The rest are clearly worried and deep in thought. And the creators of the Slavic brotherhood thought, what if knock unplanned and half of the applicants. Ah, so if it’s beginning to read a textbook on theory of state and law, and then something to proclaim and unite…

October 20, 1999

Newsletter: the Executive Committee of the Union of Belarus and Russia in Moscow, a number of politicians.
Answers followed…

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