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Instead of the five – deuce “with a tail”

It is well known that the logic of politicians or officials multivalued. Even in such cases when they, for example, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, claim that this, they said definitely.

True, they say.

But before we even get into the cases of alleged unambiguity is a box with a double bottom. Recall that in these the Bolsheviks were imported from abroad “the Spark”, and brought the revolution. Promised complete happiness and justice for centuries all, but it turned out what happened.

And still, 100 years after the revolution, great-grandchildren ask “What was that?”. Never ceases to amaze the people who do not distinguish the semantic accents. Marx in his “form of confession” has been recognized: happiness for him is fighting and winning the proletariat is nothing other people and not promised. I mean – the good life.

How can there be a claim? Fought and ran…

Вместо пятерки – двойка «с хвостиком»

Students walked proudly and independently

Once Professor Vladimir Fedotovich Berkov brought to class according to the logic of a selection of controversial ads from “Vecherniy Minsk” and suggested they be evaluated for logical consistency. And before the student opened her exhaustive life in socialist reality. The country at that time was experiencing temporary difficulties evident with meat, so the “Vecherka” aggressively advertised of exceptional quality anchovies, capelin and herring sardines, chicken eggs. Which full replacing meat, does not contain harmful for health of human “meat” ingredients. A popular quote from “12 chairs” by Ilf and Petrov: “One egg contains as much fat, how much is 1/2 pound of meat”. And the meat was not advertised at all. Nothing was said about him is nothing good, nothing bad. Everyone knew that the sausage sometimes comes in the store, and you can buy, having stood long turn and scandalous Housewives. And students, for example, in the meat Department didn’t even look, proudly and independently took place in fish.

That’s the kind of advertising, ambiguous logic that would reveal the true state of Affairs any reasonable creature. When almost each of the individual ads suggests bias, bordering on charlatanism, but in the overall context clearly emerges the truth that was trying to hide.

In this regard, over the years, little has changed. It is possible for example to cite a few specific statements that Lukashenka made at different times on different occasions, presenting them with a text. For example, this: “the People of Belarus took a chance and elected me President. It is extremely rare in history and may no longer… I will be their state after the civilized world will not lead… you will Live badly, but not for long… it’s Time to take action and to veto the taboo.” And actually puzzles are added to the picture. Actually no we good life is not promised.

For anyone to be offended, to complain and wonder? When Marianna Shchetkina said that raising the retirement age not to leave, she just interprets the source package. They say, we are administratively extend your bad life. The one you loved, whatever it was. How would say Lukashenko, everyone in this situation would believe that God exists. As it is said, vetoed a taboo.

He was lucky in the draw

Anyone else surprised that the lucky draw for Lukashenko. Today he says that “the average life expectancy in the country increased in comparison with 1990-mi, so 55-60 is the normal working age”. And believe him. In this regard, let me remind you that demography uses the term “average life expectancy” and the approval of the Lukashenka reminds of an old joke. First-grader, returned on the first day of school, asks: “Mom, what 10 years?”.

In 1990 the average life expectancy amounted to 71.1 years (76.5 for women, and male – to 66.3 years). In 2014 (for 2015 data yet), this figure increased to 73.2 years (women 78.4 years for men to 67.8). Statistical expectancy poslepechatnogo survival of females was 23.4 years, males – 7.8 years. As a result of increasing the retirement age by 5 years polupansiona simply being together women will be reduced to 18.4 years for men to 2.8 years.

To paraphrase Elena Stepanenko, men are like hamsters: graduated high school, went to the factory 45 years I worked, went to the impoverished retired and soon died. From hunger. It turns out, lived bad, and long. Properly, not with the ideology, ecology, economy. But the morality is even worse. In fact, after increasing the age of retirement the average man on the seniority exceeds 40 years, during which it finances the social protection Fund, and the Fund generously to him “unfasten” a pension living wages and a burial allowance.

How would say a General: all that I can. It is known that we have solidary pension system. Employees with contributions contain current retirees, and the retirement move on to the next generation of workers. Amazing, elegant and effective system, if there is a sufficient number of skilled workers. Such a system first in Europe brought Germany under Bismarck. It covered almost all wage earners (workers and employees) and small businesses, which, as a rule, have not always been able to make savings for old age. That is, Bismarck wound up pension insurance for classic proletarians, who asset – the workforce, while passive children who need to be fed. His officials backed the state itself. It is difficult, it is impossible to imagine a Prussian General who receives a pension in the same insurance office, Berlin and Miller.

I work for the government

In America there is an expression: “I work for the government”. And they understand that only the state budget insures that person in the course of his life.

And we have to the system of social pensions had to suck all the state officials, multiple security forces, politicians and even leaders particularly close to the government and public organizations. The mechanics of this is quite simple. Taking the official to work, the government assigns salaries and promises to pay a pension under the existing list of ranks. 30 years ago nobody said an officer receives a salary. It is impossible to imagine that Lieutenant X has exceeded monthly plan and earned more Colonel Y. Yes it would the Colonel “on the lip” has been destroyed! No wonder Khrushchev wanted to abolish income tax on individuals, because (the dream of the Bolshevik!) all workers were in General and common to all the national economy, where he received as much as appointed by the government.

Similarly worked, and the pension system: a unified pension for farmers, separately for workers and employees, military pensions, personal pensions for special merits before the party and the government. Economic sense was absent here. Gorbachev tried to reform the pension system (the workers began to complain of the scarcity and wretchedness poslepechatnogo survival), but failed. As the economy remained Soviet, therefore, not amenable to reform.

Вместо пятерки – двойка «с хвостиком»

Near the trough, whose name – power, grunt all the same: red and white. But there is a “colour” party of a different kind that take their food at any given moment, when you reside in the power. It’s their bird feeder, it feeds them physically, intellectually and morally. The philosophers of this state called Ataraxia – imperturbability, immunity to the affects of the soul, the ability to transfer external influences on the internal state. In this case is used as a metaphor maximize personal gain. You can read in Diogenes Laertius example of such Ataraxia: “On the ship during a storm, when his companions fell into a depression, he (Pyrrhon) remained calm and encouraged them, pointing at the ship’s pig, which ate itself and ate, and saying that in such serenity of Ataraxia and must be sage”. It is easy to exchange sage for Lukashenka (any ruler will do), who plunges his people into Ataraxia. And issue pension: officials for loyalty that was not very mzdoimstvo, the army not rebelled, and together guarded the feeder.

There’s nothing to do with the pension insurance of those who work, earn and pay their pensions with their contributions. Therefore, public pensions should be excluded from General social Fund. Let the security forces is the government. One could say that money has no smell, but security forces eventually gain more than they invest in the Fund.

Workforce younger retirees

The amount of contributions made by your employer to the social security Fund is 34% of payroll, of which 28% – pension insurance, another 1% on pension insurance paid by the employee, i.e. pension insurance is almost 30% of payroll. The size of the average accrued pension is about 40% of the average salary. Given the number of the employed (including working pensioners) and comparing with the number of “clean seniors”, we cannot say that raising the retirement age has become the most pressing problem for the stabilization of the social situation in the country. For example, in the labour force of the country considered the working-age population in working age (including, for various reasons, the idle able-bodied persons) and employed persons older and younger than working age. Paradoxically, the workforce is constantly growing. So, in 1990 labor was $ 5.938,8 million people, including able-bodied – 5.566,6 million people and worked 372,2 older and younger than working age. Of course, this latter group is absolutely dominated by pensioners, as youngsters we practically not exploited. The workforce amounted to 58.3% of the population. In 2014, the workforce increased and amounted to $ 5.962,9 million, but the labour force fell to 5.5349,6 million people, and the number of working pensioners has reached 423,3 thousand people. Labor was 62.9% of the population.

Thus, the army of labour increased at the expense of pensioners, and numerically decreased at the expense of the able-bodied. Secondly, the number of working-age population decreases, and eventually will begin to decline and the number of pensioners. In the end, and reduced the number of employees, and number of dependents, will decrease the total population, and it is difficult to see what labour will the country in 5-10 years. Question: who will die first?

Perhaps because of the emerging trend will begin a radical change in the economy because its problems can be solved only by increasing productivity. But this is impossible without market reforms.

That we can have from raising the retirement age? In 2014, companies were numbered 635 thousand employees and workers who in the next five years were to retire by age. Working women workers aged over 55 accounted for 15% of the total population. It’s basically the current working pensioner. We can say that to increase the degree of exploitation of the women’s “youngest retiree group” it is impossible for two reasons. Few of them have sufficient labor savings to live in retirement with dignity and not to earn money. So they are forced to continue to work, that is, they are. Secondly, most women before retirement ahead of time agree with the administration on the preservation of the former places itself in advance or looking for a job, which immediately take retirement.

Competition in this second market of women’s work is surprising. Women are labile in nature and usually quickly recover psychologically after they are experiencing the crashes. Often this helps a welfare state. For example, in the clinic of any district where it is impossible to lure any young physicians, women physicians easily continue to treat the population as 30 years ago. It’s a shame that they artificially “rejuvenate” and are going to take away from them not once a well-deserved retirement.

But even from the original proposals to withdraw is not given the poor woman medicine. Including young, who was born in those years, when Lukashenko had not the slightest idea of the average expected length of life, but she signed the certificate of secondary yield from “feed the cows” in the farm “Gorodets”.

Don’t know whether it stimulated production achievements of its economy, raised herself a prize for hard work, but against the truth have sinned. Has not increased for a quarter of a century of his presidency the average expected duration of our lives for 5 years – only 2 years with a tail.

And he said that you can enjoy. And how we were both excited beyond words…

Konstantin Skuratovich

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