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Once in the country roam moneys,…

Раз в стране бродят денежные знаки, то...

Ah, my dear, the crisis in the country, in the words of Barack Obama, the Russian economy has been torn to shreds – there is a reason for him to be happy. After all, he is a bad man (radish) came up with the sanctions against Russia. A murmur, especially the representatives of the liberal religion, and to put it simply Libera, liberals, and homosexuals. But I do not mind, they see that Putin is not satisfied, but very well satisfied with Yeltsin, Gaidar and Chubais in one bottle.

But it’s nice to know in this difficult situation some people successful and everyone is happy. And how could it be otherwise, if “Once in the country roam moneys, then there must be people who have a lot of them”. And here Ostap Bender will not argue! In General, you guessed, it will focus on the financiers. “That old back, Koreiko never doubted. He’s saving himself for capitalism.” And still waited!

In 1991, somehow nezametnenko, sideways it slipped our Soviet world under the guise of a market economy, and the confidence vtershis to people, then showed his capitalist to the core, from which people “don’t fit” started to die like flies. Here it is Chubais openly: “What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die. They do not fit into the market. Don’t think about it — new grow”. This is a manifestation of the ordinary fascism in the most simple and the right sense of the word.

Ordinary fascism is not a hero with a sword, Siegfried, not mysticism Nietzsche, it was the shopkeeper with the face and the brain the provincial salaba escaped on operative open space. And his main trait is hatred of the normal life of an honest man, a joy that have the power to crush. Link http://www.pravda.ru/politics/parties/sps/14-01-2004/46126-chubais-0/

This is the earlier Chubais dated March 30, 1990: “the immediate social consequences of accelerated market reforms include: a General decline in living standards; growth differentiation of prices and incomes; the emergence of mass unemployment… In these circumstances, the government is very important to adopt the right tone in relation to the society: on the one hand, a willingness to dialogue, on the other hand, no apologies or hesitation. Should consider tougher measures against those forces that are attacking the backbone of the reform measures… At the time of the reform (or at least its decisive stages, you will need emergency antistrike legislation.”

Then another buck hiding under the guise.e. (arbitrary units), and the snout of wild capitalism under the “market reforms. What it is, people feel after the October coup in 1993. If the bandit takes the life of a man to get his wallet, the Russian Chubais and chubaysyata have taken the lives of millions of Soviet citizens, who were Russians , to take possession of the good they created nationwide by Chubais privatization. Of course, “liberal Democrats” worked up a sweat for the people and for the people, referring to themselves.

And these thugs reformers, favored by the West, successfully buried the land of the Soviets. Underground millionaires, like cockroaches, out of all the cracks. Came their Golden time.”Damn country! A country where a millionaire can not lead his bride to the movies,” lamented then Koreiko.Now it was possible to lead a “beautiful life” – to show off the wide Russian expanses, flying on private jets and sail on luxury yachts around the world. Beauty! And the people? The people…well, not fit all!

Now let’s talk about a thriving financial elite of Russia. This elite, producing nothing feels like a fish in water, in any crisis. She is a favorite of the Russian government and the Central Bank of Russia. She always dealt the best cards. June 27, 2016 in the House of receptions of the MFA of Russia with the support of the General partner of the Alpari company, an international leading financial brand, was held the twelfth award ceremony of the award “Financial elite of Russia”. Link http://expert.ru/2016/07/1/ob_yavlenyi-laureatyi-premii-finansovaya-elita-rossii–po-itogam-2015-goda/

All were furnished with great fanfare for these gentlemen. The prize winners were the financial sector companies that demonstrated outstanding performance in 2015 and confirmed its reliability, reputation and development dynamics. More than 200 guests – heads of departments of banks, insurance, management, investment, brokerage, leasing companies, private pension funds, microfinance organizations, representatives of media attended the award this year. The awards ceremony were leading channel “Russia 24”

For the awards took the stage representatives of the Expert Council and Board of Trustees of the award, authoritative representatives of Russian business community and heads of the financial media: financial Ombudsman P. Medvedev; Executive Vice-President of the Association of Russian Banks by E. Mehdiyev; publisher of the magazine “Banking Review” D. A. Ravkin; the President of the Russian Union of insurers I. Yu. Yurgens; Managing partner NAFI P. A. Samiev; President of the Moscow International Currency Association A. N. Mammoths; Vice-President of Association of regional banks of Russia A. Y. Art; Member of the expert Council under the State Duma of the Russian Federation for financial markets R. A. Ismailov, Head of Department of financial ratings of the National Rating Agency K. V. Artemyev, and many others.

The winners of the award “Financial elite of Russia 2016 are:


Sberbank – “Grand Prix: Bank of the year”

PJSC “Asian-Pacific Bank” – “Grand Prix: regional Bank of the year”

PJSC “Bank” – “Reliability”

PJSC “Bank “Saint Petersburg” – “Dynamics of development” and others, a total of 8 banks.

As well as insurance companies, management companies, investment and brokerage companies, etc. so as not to be happy for these great masters for their optimistic spirit, and not in spite of the crisis, and largely thanks to him. Here it is, to whom war and to whom mother is native! let’s take their example and “with joy and passion will overcome the new crisis conditions.

Bender was also a great optimist: “Life is beautiful, despite the flaws”.”The Golden calf in our country still has some power!”

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