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Israeli reservist forced to sell business as reserve duty stretches over 100 days

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Gal Anav, an Israeli soldier currently serving in Gaza for nearly 100 days, has been forced to announce the liquidation of his business due to the financial strain caused by his long reserve duty. Anav, who was called up on October 7 as part of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, shared his ordeal on social media, seeking support and understanding from the public.

Anav, the owner of the business Indonesia Jaffa located in Jaffa, had been running the unique furniture store for nine years. However, the economic toll of his extended military service has left the business on the verge of collapse. Anav lamented that his once-thriving business has now crumbled, leaving him with millions in debt and facing an uncertain future upon his return from reserve duty.

Business has been virtually paralyzed
In a Facebook post, Anav explained the dire situation, stating that since his enlistment, the business has been virtually paralyzed. He emphasized the financial hardships, including a meager income and the inability to meet the terms of the rental agreement.

The soldier expressed frustration over the lack of support, noting that attempts by friends and associates to keep the business afloat have proven unsuccessful. Jaffa, the city where his business is situated, has also seen a downturn in activity, compounding his financial woes.

Anav expressed frustration with Tel Aviv municipality, which, like any other local authority in Israel, is bound by law to collect business property taxes. He disclosed that he has received no relief or waiver from these financial obligations during his military service.

In response to Anav’s plight, the Tel Aviv municipality clarified its position, stating that it is bound by national law and lacks the authority to suspend business property tax payments. In a statement, a municipal spokesperson said, “The authority to grant relief or suspend business property tax payments lies with the government, not the local authority. We hope that the state will soon implement an economic plan to support all reservists in need, especially those who own businesses.”

Anav had previously indicated that he is not eligible for the compensation plan outlined in the law and expressed weariness in contemplating his financial future.

Amidst these challenges, Anav has taken to social media, calling on friends and supporters to rally around him by sharing news of the liquidation sale, which has since been shared by several Israeli influencers. He hopes that this will prevent him from falling further into debt as he contemplates the uncertain future that awaits him once he completes his military service.

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