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New “Easter eggs” The Division

Новые «пасхалки» The DivisionGamers have found references to such projects as For Honor and Grow Home.

In the new shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division found the first Easter eggs. Ubisoft Massive, the team provided the project with references to the other games of French publisher.

In particular, gamers have found references to such projects as For Honor and Grow Home. One YouTube user known by the pseudonym OniZombies in one of the videos on his channel told about where to find new Easter eggs, and what they are.

In one of the locations located in the building of the Safe House called The Firewall. The first thing you will come across a gamer when entering a new location, it’s a huge company logo Ubisoft. Upon closer examination of the rooms, you can find the same reference to the project Grow Home, in the form of posters or pictures displayed on the walls of the location.

What the protagonist of the game Grow Home, a robot bad hanging from the ceiling of the room. On the other side of the room you can find a few pictures of the game Grow Home, as well as another reference to other project developers, The Division. On one wall is a huge poster of the game For Honor, representatives from Ubisoft which was shown at the exhibition of video games E3 2015.

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